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Hello Greenbaron...thanks for your advice as well. I have my doubts as to your suggestion so I am going to ask you a question, please advice... since i am sure you are much better at this than me...lol. I have to say that this is an amazing forum, never met so many people so willing to help out others, and all this for nothing in return...truly awesome.

Lets say I have a JPG image of about 2 MP size and I edited the image a bit and save the edited file as another JPG image...the file size varies but invariably its a lot smaller than the original image size...so lets say the edited image is not 1 MP in size.

Second scenario..the same original 2 MP JPG is copied and saved as a TIFF image. I do all my editing on the TIFF image and then when I am done i save all editsin JPG format. This newly edited Image file size is really close to the original file size of 2 MP.

Both edited images look almost identical...my question is, in Scenario 2 is there less loss of quality since the original and the edited images are pretty close in file size?? Or does image size really mean nothing?

One more question..copying an original does not damage the original or reduce quality or the original in any way, right???

Thanks guys

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I decided to just give it a try; Iused as picture I just shot in de backyard. First, I opened it, and saved it directly as a tiff, and closed it.

reopened the original jpg, did some level editing, resizing, sharpening, and saved as a jpg, compressionlevel 10. Resulting filesize: 443Kb.

Than I opened thetiff version; did the exact same editing, and saved it as a jpg, same compression level. Resulting filzesize: 443Kb.

I really have no clue how the filesize can be different in your situation... Are you sure you used the same compression levels and editing values?

It indeed doesn't cost you quality if you just copy a jpg in your explorer. I tried to save the edited version without any editing as another jpg, same compressionlevel, and it did not cost me filesize either.

Cheers! GB

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