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How does the White Balance (WB) selection with the Flash Lightning Bolt work?
Pg 75 of the FZ7 user manual states that this selection is for use with the flash only & on Pg 77 it is stated that the WB is not automatically adjusted for this selection option.
This is all that is said.

So what is the WB set to when (Lightning Bolt)WB is selected, WB1, WB2 or something else? How is this selection intended to be correctly used?
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If, when you push the shutter halfway down, the screen is dark, then you set it for the flash setting, which is what you are talking about. If the flash is adding light but there is still light coming in so that you can see things with the shutter half way down, then one of the other settings will work fine. I use auto in the evening with a flash outdoors. I use the flash setting when doing macros at 1/1600 or 1/2000 shutter speed. For lower speed macros I use auto even though I am using the flash. Or I use WB1 or 2 after setting the white balance on a card or shirt or something. I have never used any of the settings other then the two manuals, flash or auto although I guess I could if I thought of it at the time I am taking pictures.
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Yes, thanks for the reply.

All you said now makes sense.

After reading Ken Rockwell's article about WB (see: http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/whitebalance.htm) it appears that the purpose of the (Lightning Bolt)WB is to compensate the PIX to color red for the blue of the flash. So it would make sense to use this setting when the light will predominately be from flash.

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