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I wanted to get some opinions/advice about the autofocus modes on the FZ20. Any comments appreciated. I really haven't found the time to start exploring this hobby as much as I want. I Love my new digicam, but I rarely get time on weekends to do anything with it. Plus I haven't really found a spare $2-300 bucks of late to buy the add-ons (filters, adapters, telelens, hoods, extra mem, etc)I know I will need and want to have.

So, most of my fun has been limited to indoor candids (birthdays, holidays, weddings, etc.) I would say that about 80% of the time, my shots are properly focused. The other 20 % I attribute to user error. I am constantly playing with settings and making adjustments. Sometimes it helps, other times I ruin the shot completely. I mostly just stay in P mode. But I find that I never really know which autofocus mode to use in certain situation to give the best results. In low light situations I find the center weighted, or spot setting to get me better results. But other times it's hit or miss. Example - This past weekend I was set to spot autofocus (because I had shot something from across the kitchen on the other side of the house at full tele) I then had a great opportunity to catch a shot of a friend of mine hold his 6 month old daughter up to his face, like he was about to give her a little kiss on her forehead. It would have been a great shot, only he and his daughter were blurry. What was in perfect focus was a pillow on the sofa behind them, that was visible only through the 3 inch gap that seperated the two of them at the time. I'm pretty sure I should have used the 3 point mode in this situation, but I have heard on this forum before to keep the FZ20 set to center or spot. Thoughts? Are there time I should consider the 9 point mode?

Another time I was using the center weighted mode to shoot very distant scenery from a hilltop (the time I got so far to go out and play). The distant scenery was soft, but I gotsome REALLY sharp branches from the very top of a tree in the foreground. I didn't even see the branches when I composed the shot. Any advice welcome from the more seasoned photographers!!!

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Always use the spot mode andpoint at the object you want to have focused. That should work, if the object is in focus range and there's enough light. The AF-assist lamp will help in lowlight situations, but its range is only 1.5 meters.
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