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Good shots HarjTT ! I enjoyed what I saw of your tour! Jim
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Good post...nice to see these. I took a look thru there a few years back, and found it very well put together. I felt they gave an accurate portrayal of and insights into how the war was fought. I really liked the airplane fighter displays, but I recalled from back in 1967 in my first visit they had an intact ME 109 on display. I looked for it, this time but did not see it. I photographed all their other airplane displays. I guessed they had just removed it for maintanence or something. Did you happen to notice if there was one still there? I doubt there are many of these fine planes left anywhere. A footnote about war museums...while I was impressed with the British Imperial war museum, and thought they accurately explained history in their displays, I came away with the impression that the French war museum I visited promoted the notion the French had fought and won the war single handed. (Mon Dieu!) Best regards,

Quick edit...Looks like a spitfire in the background behind the sherman. And another insignificant detail...I was trained to drive the sherman tank, and I claim the distinction of being the absolute W O R S T tank driver on the planet. (Yes, it's true, I sucked.)
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