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Would anyone happen to know how to repair or recover a quicktime movie?

I was recording a quicktime movie, and the memory card filled up, so now the complete movie seems to be lost.

It was a 128MB card, and was formatted before recording (sothe movieI was recordingwas the onlythingon it). The JPEG file is there, and plays fine on both the camera and my PC, but theQuicktimemovie file doesn't even show on the camera, and it does show, but indicateszero bytes in Windows. The properties of the card itself show that there is nearly the full 128MB occupied.

I guess I would've thought that the camera would be smart enough to detect no more space shortly before it ran out, and then close the file properly.

Any Suggestions?

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I received your PM this morning. For the benefit of all, I'm also responding in the public forum.

I've not heard of or experienced this problem myself, however that does not mean it doesn't exist for you. This morning I'll try to duplicate it. Can you please tell me the conditions that existed?

What brand card?

How many JPG photos were also on the card and at what size were they shot?

Was the card originally formatted on your PC or in the camera?

Once I receives this info I'll try to duplicate it.
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Thanks for the quick response!!

But first I need to clarify something. I was using two different cards yesterday-- my friend's 128MB and I have a 1GB card.Actually, itisthe 1GB card that fails in this way.

Now for the setup:

1) The card is a SanDisk 1GB Standard (Blue/Red)SD Card, with markings of "BB0503WH CHINA" on the back.

2) I format the card in the camera.

3) Recording was performed with the camera setup as follows:

Record options forMotion Rate: 30FPS, digital zoom: OFF,Stabilizer: MODE 1.

OtherSETUP settings include Power Save: 2MIN, Economy: ON

Finally, in order to help conserve battery life, the DISPLAY button was pushed to the point where the LCD panel is OFF during recording.

4) I used battery power during recording, but the batterywas more than adequate for the duration of the record (with 2/3 battery showing still available after recording).

5) After this, aJPEG image with the first frame of thevideois then ready for review when the camera is switched toplay mode, but no option to actually play the movie. Then, when I remove the card from the camera, and place it into my card reader, it displays thedisk OK, andthe disk space has been nearly completely used. The PANA0104 directory shows a couple of files (i.e. P1040413.JPG; P1040413.MOV). The .JPG file only occupies a few tens of K-bytes, and the .MOV file indicates 0 bytes. Attempts to play the file anyway, we unsuccessful.

Also, I just tried3 times nowwith a different card -- a Sandisk Standard (Red/Blue) 32MBSD Card, and so far it always works OK.

Thanks for any help or advice you can give.


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Hi Panasonic,

Have you been able to duplicate this yet? Any idea ona fix or workaround?


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