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My previous knowledge about photography is from a very short introduction back 45 years ago, but I have always been under the impression that if one learns how to take good b&w photos, it is more than half the battle to becoming a good photographer.
Whenever I see black & white photos I get the itch to "really" try my hand at it, but never seem to remember when I have the camera up to my nose. This desire was enough for me to cancel the purchase of what would have been my 1st dslr, the Nikon d70s, just a few months ago when I found out it does not have a b&w menu setting. (Have decided to stick with fixed lens designs for the time being and the FZ30 currently.)
Converting a color image to b&w with pp, in my opinion is not the same, if you are trying to "learn" photography. You are only learning how to alter an image useing software, not the use of the camera, with all the nuances and constraints that may be present for a particular capture. If you are already a proficient photographer, well versed with b&w then it would be somewhat different, although IMHO it still would not be true b&w capture.

Even though your photos were scanned to digital, your b&w's still convey a sense pleasure and even fun in many, that the photographer must have had while taking them.
I must remember "b&w" the next time I take the camera out of the bag. Thanks for reminding me with your great B&W images.
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There is an excellent fz5 example of color vs b&w (converted) at http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/re...ssage=15160564 The post includes the channel mixer settings to make the conversion.
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