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Default repeated question about HDR

i know this isnt the HDR section but i value your opinion as my friends in "team panny" ive posted this question in the HDR section but would like to run the idea past my friends here to see if i have the logic right at least. if youre sick of my HDR efforts please dont read on as i will probably bore you further lol.

i am growing more impressed with HDR as i delve deeper into it. but, and here is the catch... everything i do or see done in HDR is of still life, or simply put, motionless objects! ive tried catching HDR of moving objects like my horse pics i posted last week and had relative success as long as the movement is minimal. so here's my idea, please tell me if its madness. how about taking a single image ("ah, but thats not REAL HDR!" i hear you say) shot in RAW, then process it and save it as 3 images in -+2 in photoshop. then use photomatix to merge the now 3 shots as you would HDR normally. shooting in RAW would give you a lot to play with and maybe the results might come out pretty good. im thinking HDR motorsport as i am going to World Superbikes soon and am wishing to give this a go. my question to you the HDR bods like simon, Bynx and co... will this work?

kind regards,

again apologies for posting this here, but i dont really know anyone in the HDR section, and your opinions are of value to me, thanks
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I John

I guess you think correctly.

I do not (yet) tried, but I think it is the easiest way to get the correct HDR effect on subjects that move very fast.

I had thought of this solution, not just for that reason, but because my Sony only allows bracketed shots from -0.7 to +0.7 which is very little for a decent HDR. So I thought about getting a RAW file and export to JPG with the EV compensation that I want and even the possibility of using more than 3 photos ... 5 or 7 for example
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