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Hi all and greeting from Perth, Western Australia.

first post here after lurking for a few days.

Im thinking about replacing my G2 with a FZ30 - nothing ewrong with the G2, but I like a bit more zoom range and (secondly) more MP.

Anyone done the same or opinions on such a idea - Im not that fussed about going to a D-SLR yet. tho if I were , I would probably get a pentax *ist so i could use the existing lenses from my Pentax Z-70 slr i have.
most of my photography would be out doors stuff and usually in good light
possibly some actions shots (motorcycle racing) and some sunsets etc.

Have read the noise iises on the FZ30 and dont think it would worry me that much - dont print that often and usually good lighting
Could be used for indoors stuff such as museums tho

cheers dave
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I think you would be impressed with the speed and picture quality of the FZ30.

While I never used the G2 in particular I used many cameras of the type and age, I really believe the noise on the FZ30 is much less than that the older cameras, at least that is my finding. Digital cameras have come a long way in the last 5 years.
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I replaced my Canon G5 with the Panasonic FZ20 in February of this year; same MP, but much more zoom. To me it was a definite step up. I loved the image quality of the G5, but found the FZ20's to be at least its equal. Handling and versatility was a great improvement. The FZ20 turned out to be a LOT better as far as low light focusing was concerned. My G5 would just helplessly fish and not get the focus right when light conditions were low, even with the assist light. Drove me nuts. I missed a lot of priceless shots of my small sons because of it. The FZ20 does a much better job with auto focus and auto exposure. And naturally, you can't beat the 12x zoom withimage stabilization.

For you, upgrading from the G2 to the FZ30 must be even more dramatic than it was in my case, but you can't go wrong.
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