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i would like to buy a lens so i can do some reverse mount macrophotography.

For that i am thinking on using e-bay.

the problem is that i dont really know what to buy.

I guess that the lens should be a 50mm lens, with manual aperture settings, but i'm really just guessing.

I have a panasonic fz5 and already own a nikon 6T


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50mm is just fine, and already very hard to use.

See some pics of mine here: MACROPHOTOGRAPHY LINK
the first three pics here and some in the 2 following pages have been shot with an old Canon FD, 50mm (52mm diam.) and f/1,8 max aperture.

I have bought a new one (always second hand stuff of course) which is always a 50mm and 52mm diam., a Ricoh/Rikenon F/1.4.

The aperture is very important for reverse lenses: on my FZ20, the Canon F1,8 ceases to vignette only at 12x zoom, whereas the Ricoh already stops vignetting at 8-9x.

With these lenses the more you zoom the less the DOF, up to its very extinction, I mean depth of field of less than 1mm !

So it's better to keep the zoom around 6x, and therefore the wider the reversed lens aperture the less the vignetting (more than vignetting it is really like a hole in a black frame).

After the astonishemnt for the incredible magnification (= +20 with rev. 50mm), you'll find that playing with a rev lens is not so funny as with two Nikons (e.g. 6T + 5T = +4,4 magn.) or with Raynox DCR 250 (= +8 magnif.).
You have too few DOF, so only a small part of the insect or other subject is in focus.

If you don't have an external flash (impossible with FZ5, but search for Seemolf posts here) you'll have to bounce the on board flash light with a white paper that you'll have to keep with your left hand fingers (other fingers will hold the heavy rev. lens).

A better option is to use rev. lenses on cameras with smaller lens and less zoom, like Tchuanye's recently started to show on this forum (Canon powershot A610 + rev. 50 mm lens).

About the purchase/brand, I strongly discourage you to buy it from e-bay: search for a Photographic shop with second hand lenses and once you find it go there with your FZ5 and ask for some trying. You should not spend more than 30$/€ for a second hand old 50mm lens.

Lastly note that you'll need one or two adapter to thread the reversed lens on the FZ5 hood: a male-to-male ring and, if you don't find this one the thread size you need, some step up/down rings to fit the male-to-male ring to the rev. lens thread and to the FZ5 hood.


PS I have attached this example shot with the Ricoh 50mm rev.
It might not seem so astonishing as far as magnification, but please note that this is a 100% crop of a slightly LESS THAN 2X ZOOM (11,6 mm = 70mm eq) pic.
IN the original 5mp image the outer part was black (heavy vignetting).
If you go towards higher zoom al gets incredibly big.

Attached Images
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this is instead a resized pic of the same object, taken with Nikon 5T + 5T but at 12x Zoom
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Well Narmer has mentioned all the points.

Reverse lens does give high mags, and if done properly, can get some good shots on the FZ. Ext Flash would be necessary though.

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