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trooplewis Apr 14, 2005 3:48 PM

I walked into the local Ritz Camera in La Mesa, Ca with the intention of buying the thing. has the silver one for $499, no tax, free shipping.

I had the camera in my hand, asked the mgr if she would match's price and sell it for $499 incl. sales tax.

Her response was "we can't match Internet pricing"
to which I said, "Guess that's why I buy most of my stuff on the Internet" and walked out without the camera.

Sheesh...wasn't like I was asking her to match Butterfly Photo's price, just her parent company's!

Being in the car business for 20+ years, I can't stand to pay retail when discounts are clearly available... not to mention, NO one ever offers to pay MSRP for any car they purchase, and most think that I should show them how much it cost the dealer and then lose $1000 or more to sell it to them...

Colleen Apr 14, 2005 8:32 PM

That's pretty bad! Stupid as well since the mall Ritz stores are part of the Ritz chain and not independently owned as far as I know.

At our local Ritz mall store I asked a few times whether they'd be getting the FZ5 in... they'd check the database and come back with 'doesn't look like it'. Last Friday I ordered the silver FZ5 from for $499 and today I walked into the mall Ritz and there was the FZ5 in silver! They got it in last Friday and they are selling it for $499.

mikezuk Apr 14, 2005 8:37 PM is a separate company. Thats how they can sell without charging sales tax. If they were the same company, their in-state presence as a retail shop would require charging sales tax wherever they have a store.

Colleen Apr 14, 2005 9:19 PM

So the brick and mortar 'ritz's' are a completely different company than ''?

I see what you mean by the tax thing... but just today I asked the manager whether they were associated and he said is the parent and the stores are company stores. OTOH, he's the same guy who told me only 4 days before the FZ5 came in that they weren't getting any anytime too soon. Lost a commission on that, he did. I would rather have bought it from them and go home with instant gratification instead of checking the tracking site 20 times per day!

trooplewis Apr 14, 2005 9:59 PM

I think they do have to pay sales tax, they just roll it back and make your total $499...that's all I was asking the gal at the Ritz store to do...

I could be wrong on the tax thing, but they advertise that NO ONE pays sales tax...usually there are a few states (the home state where their actual building is) that require sales tax. Unless is not centered in this country, for no one to have to pay makes me think they roll it back and pay in almost every state.

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