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who was patient with me and offering as much help one can offer. I got to admit, as great a camera the FZ5 is, it's too advanced for me. I just don't have the "vision" of an experienced photographer, nor skills. With all that said, I'm going back to the P&S camera.

Take care everyone. I'll still visit this forum to check out many of your beautiful pictures.
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Sorry to hear that, but you definitely have to get what is best for you and your needs. I think that the beauty of the FZ series is that they are simple enough to use as P&S, but they do give better results when you learn to change settings, etc. But really they make learning about photography fun.

I've moved up from the FZ10 to FZ20 to Canon D30 to 10D to my latest toy, a Canon 1D. Each camera was more capable than the previous one, but each required a learning curve and initially took worse shots than the previous one. I think if you went back and under identical circumstances/settings took shots with your P&S and FZ5, you'd see that the FZ5 was more capable camera.

Also remember to judge prints, not what it looks like on the computer because you monitor may not be calibrated.

Just some thoughts.
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I did a search and found a couple photos you posted an ocean liner was one and you seemed unhappy with the photo.

It seemed the picture was fine the zoom magnified the haze and that seemed to be what dissapointed you.

But that was neither the cameras fault or yours.. the haze was there and the camera captured it.. any camera would, but without the zoom it would not be as noticable but then neither would the ship.

That type of thing is pretty easy to fix in PS.

OH well ...good luck with your next choice.
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John, I'd get a couple of Yuenglings (Lager, Premium or Black & Tan) and reasses the situation. The FZ5 is a very nice outfit. IMHO
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