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photolover Feb 16, 2005 2:29 PM

I am going to travel for some days and plan to shoot many pictures (I go to Spain, to visit my family and also a short trip to London UK for fun).
I have a Lumix FZ20.
If you have experience with the FZ series, what is best, to turn OFF the camera after each shot, and turn it ON again to do the next shot (maybe after some 5 minutes or more), or to just set the camera to AUTO-OFF (sleep) after 1 minute of inactivity? How can I save more battery?
Much thanks!!

Narmer Feb 16, 2005 3:31 PM

About your first inquiry, I am not sure at all:

some would say it's better to leave it switched on if you have to take a pic say each 1-2 mins.

Certainly not if you have to do one each 5 minutes !
And it is useless to recur to SLEEP mode, for it is not a stand by, but a real switch off: it spends the same amount of energy in retiring the lens but you'll have spent a minute of energy more leaving the cam on whicle you could switch it off sdon.

FOR SURE in order to save energy:

- Use MODE 2 IS, also more efficient. You may also disable IS if the day is bright but I fear you could complain to have done that.

- Disable Continuous AF

- keep it in M when switched on (in P and S it would continuely open or close the shutter according to the different light it gets)

- Use the Viewfinder as much as you can (I use only LCD though).

- Do not loose too much time in reviewing the pics: if look good keep if not delete

- avoid zooming in and out if you don't mean to take the pic.

- Do not abuse of flash

- Try to avoid too hot (direct sunlight, espec. black model) or too cold environs.

- Kiss this cubeach 20 shots. They say that Lumix series get better results when the owner has managed to establish a truefeeling with them. I'm sure it WORKS.
Anyway remember to put on the lens cap if you want to kissit on the lens.
"Protected" is far safer for you both.

Away from jokes:
Consider that If you have a 500Mb SD (512)you'll need 1 fully charged battery in order to use up all the SD space in it.

With 2Mb average each 5mp image, 250 pics = 500Mb = 1 battery charge or more (If you erase many pics on the spot you'll finally end with few more than 200 pics each charge).

If you also shoot at 3MP or less, 500Mb can be enough (better take one 256Kb and one 522Kb fast SD, or 1 Giga Sandisk Ultra 2, around 100€) but to be very safe you will certainly need AT LEAST ONE MORE BATTERY to shoot more than 250 pics in a whole day without recharging possibility.

I think that when Panasonic will provide a 1500mAh 7,2v LiIon Battery in his FZ90, Ill consider to upgrade (If Canon and Nikon have not yet done anything better in the meanwhile).


photolover Feb 16, 2005 4:22 PM

Thanks Francesco for your great response.

I have already a second battery (Maxell), but I panic about running short of energy before I get back home to recharge both batteries. This is because I review pictures too much. I will try not to do that.

I thought that the auto-OFF was a real sleep or stand-by, I thought that the lens did not retract as when switching on and off manually. I have to pay more attention! So, if what you say is accurate, the sleep function is useless!

I have 3 fast 512 Mb SD cards, but that's for the whole 15 days trip. I have to administer the memory well.

I don't use continuous focus, but I zoom maybe too much... That's what happens when you have a zoom like this one!

I will remember your advices! Thanks!!


squirl033 Feb 16, 2005 7:40 PM

photolover wrote:

I have 3 fast 512 Mb SD cards, but that's for the whole 15 days trip. I have to administer the memory well.

You should be able to get about 200 pictures on each SD card at full 5MP resolution. If you're worried about running out, after you've filled the first two you could switch to 3MP image size in the camera, which would let you fit about 400 images on the last card, but would still give you very nice prints up to 8x10...

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