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Sven, your picture does not show. Can you check if it's a problem on your end?
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Narmer these are really spectacular photos . The compositions and your use of the B/W effect really fits the pictures you chose . Excellent work :-)
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Old Dec 9, 2005, 6:48 AM   #13
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Sven you linked your image from a (secondary) HD of your PC, so it won't show up.
You are right, Canon color mode is very attractive with those blue skies but really a step too "personalized".
Anyways you see soo many similar color outputs in EOS 20D, 5D and 20D images...

I created a particular profile of selective colors adjustment which gives a Canon-like color effect, but I always soften / partially undo it, for too blue skies (also with polarizer) can really be boring to see after some time.

I use High in camera satur. on FZ20 only for some of the shots, beacuse even if they provide more attracting pics, they also bring the WB color casts of this cam to aworse level: maybe most of the users don't detect this, but if you compare similarimages from different cams you will understand the problems FZ20 (and older except for FZ1v2) have with influence ofdominant colors on the images - something which depends on the small CCD size, as Noise and narrow Dynamic range.

[ New photos from yesterday's excursion are one the way of PP]


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Old Dec 9, 2005, 8:08 AM   #14
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Hi Franceso,
I tried an upload of my picture, but this went wrong.
Lateron I did not want to disturb this wonderful excursion with shots of a previous journey. You are an expert of pp, but perhaps you like my interpretation a little bit.

My camera has a "canon" mode, called vivid colours - I never used it.
I was using standard mode up to now, but there is a natural colours mode! This has to be tested soon.
The miniture contrast range is very disturbing with the FZs, this is a more severe drawback than the noise issue. My small tripod will help me to shoot more pictures in auto bracket mode and combine them with ps cs2 HDR tool, this will add significant contrast range!


..waiting for the next excursion.
p.s. the last amber thread is closer now!
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Old Dec 12, 2005, 3:48 AM   #15
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Thanks for posting these - lovely shots of Italy, near picture perfect if you ask me and a joy to view.

I had planned to post this on friday from work but got complelety distracted.



:-) :G :O
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Old Dec 13, 2005, 3:55 AM   #16
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Narmer, Your pictures in you gallery are all breathtaking. It is wonderful work! How 'bout a book? Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures of Italy. bentleysmom
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Old Dec 13, 2005, 4:22 AM   #17
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oh yes, really VERY NICE work and very nice places.
Bella Italia, con questo cielo azzuro! Ma dove sono le belle ragazze ;-) ?

I'm also impressed how the change from chrome to monochrome completely reverses the tune.

@ seemolf: I find your first transition of francescos shot into b&w pretty cool. I pretty much looks like if taken by an IR-film camera.
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