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Will a wide angle lens make my 16x9 photos even wider?
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Welcome to the forum, Gordon. A wide angle lens extends thecaptured field both horizontally (width) and vertically (height). The in-camera 16:9 aspect ratio is nothing more than an in-camera crop off the top and bottom of the native 4:3 (ie, 16:12) aspect ratio of the sensor. You can achieve exactly the same results by cropping in an image editor later. Whatever field width is added to the un-cropped 4:3 image by the wa lens will also be there in the cropped 16:9 version since you're not cropping the width.

It's interesting to note, however, that the true measurement of the focal distanceis determined bythe diameter of the circle captured by the lens. The final rectangular image is the film or sensor shape within that circle. 35mm filmhas a 3:2 aspect ratio. Most digital sensors have a 4:3 aspect ratio. The diagonal of the sensor rectangle is also the diameter of the circle of the lens capture. If you crop away some of the height of that rectangle, you reduce the diagonal. For example, the fx01 has a 28mm lens and a 4:3 sensor. When shooting at the 4:3 aspect ratio, the focal length at wa (no zoom)is 28mm. With the fx01 set to 16:9, the resulting shot has a focal length of 31mm. The height cropping has shortened the diagonal. But the width is the same.

Note: The 28mmPanasonic LX1 and soon to be released LX2 have 16:9 sensors. That sensor rectangle capturesmore width (and less height) thana 4:3 sensor. Thus, a 28mm shot taken with the lx1 wouldshow a wider capture than the identical shot taken with the fx01 even though both have 28mm lens.
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