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No it was 480 but it was a 10 hour sale or somthing like that....Keep an eye on places like Fat Wallet for the next deal ...most likely monday.

And the FZ30 is 55mm so it depends on what size your lenses are but with a step ring they will work. And Lovelife has some special rings for the FZ30.

520 at buydig and butterfly last time I looked.
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So, 10 hours? That flies fast...

Anyway, way I see things now, I'll probably buy an FZ30 a few months later, hopefully the prices will have go down until then.

My "plan" now is to buy a couple of accesories for the FZ10, but all my questioning about compatibility of adapters, lenses and filters was due to the fact that that's mostly what I was planning to buy, and I do want to use them with an FZ30 later.

For instance, I found a "DMW-LWZ10 for DMC-FZ10 & DMC-FZ20 digital cameras" and the DMW-LW55 55mm "for Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30 Digital Camera". I would think that it works with an FZ10, but since it is not specified... I just wasn't sure.

It is good to know that I can use my FZ10 batteries with the FZ30, perhaps that could avoid me buying a spare one (I know mine do not last as long, but I have two of them).

But the optics thing has me wondering.

Happy Holidays again!

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