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Default shutter lag/value/compatable camera

I really appreciate these forums but sometimes they confuse me. Just as I am all excited to buy I read a post that makes me think I should waite. The press release for the Panasonic FZ10 states "Its precision Leica lens, extraordinary telephoto features and no-lag processing speed enable this camera to capture every detail of distant or quick-moving subjects with superb brightness and clarilty". For 600 bucks I can't expect everything but if it is faster at capturing images than my Fuji FinePix S602 then I will preorder my camera now. According to an Imaging Resource review the lag for the Fuji was .37 manual focus and .19 prefocus (not sure what the difference is as I would think if you manually focus for an area that is the same as prefocus, but it must be something different) and this camera almost works for me for shooting my basketball games. If someone can give me any assurance the FZ10 will be quicker than my Fuji, for the price I can put up with any shortcomings.

To me the $600 price is a big deal because it seems like digital cameras are improving by leaps and bounds every year. It appears I am not the only one that buys a camera and as soon as there is something a little better gets another one, but I am not wealthy and can't keep buying 900 to 1200 cameras (I bought the Sony 707 for 1200 hoping I could cope with the lag and that was a huge mistake) and then having to sell them for pennies on the dollar. If I can keep this camera for at least two years I will not have felt like I wasted money again.

If I did keep this camera awhile it appears there may be some good cameras that would compliment the Pansonic if I wanted to carry two cameras around and wanted something that would overcome the weaknesses of the FZ10 (still more appealing than carrying around a bunch of lenses - when I was younger I wanted to impress people with my gear, now I have to make things quick because my wife is always saying - "why are you stopping here?" when I want to get an interesting shot). The Kyocera S5R seems like it could fill in some gaps - more megapixels, better movie mode, and can fit in my pocket. Any other suggestions for something that could be compatable with the FZ10?
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