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Hi how can you get good images of sunsets, mine seem to be out of focus. Even manual focus cant get a really clear picture, i know it can be done as i've seen some people get really crisp clar sky shots.

Maybe settings ???
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I use program mode

1 area fast focus and center meter .

This really is a sunrise but

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the key is to find something in the sky that offers contrast. the FZ's focusing system needs contrast to tell it what it's aiming at, and if there isn't enough, it will hunt around looking for something. if there are clouds and some relatively well-defined areas of light and dark, that will work. otherwise,if the sky doesn't offer enough, focus on something on the ground far away (the horizon will work), half-press the shutter to lock the focus (or use manual focus), and then re-compose and shoot.
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Do exactly as squirl033 says, lock the focus, release the shutter, compose the shot and half press the shutter to meter the light, If you do not like the colors release the shutter point the camera to a different spot (higher or lower) meter the light again and then compose and take the shot. You will be amazed at the beautiful sunsets/sunrises you can take this way.

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That's a great Sunrise Gene! Jim
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