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Default So I trashed my ZS7

Drowned it to be exact.. it's a tale of painfully stupid negligence, I won't go into details. It hasn't been powered on yet and I have it (perhaps) drying out in rice for a couple of days now.. even if it powers on, there is condensation inside the lens. Best case scenario is it will need professional cleaning.
Worst case = bricked (obvs)

Sooooo... Any guesses as to what Panasonic will do if I try to send it in for repairs? :/
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don't know what to say.. i dropped my pocket camcorder in the pool i was quick enough to grab it before it sank to the bottom. First thing i did took out the battery and opened up usb and other covers put it on my window and let it set there for one day..there was some condensation but it went away the next day.. The camera works fine just like before
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Save yourself a lot of grief:
These are mostly opened boxes only...for cheap...and a 30 day return policy...I have bought 2 so far and in excellent like new condition and also several FZ35's with 150 clicks or less..
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My wife left her cell phone in her pocket and washed it in the machine for about 5 minutes until she realized where it was. She took it out and did basically what idenny did and I laughed at her for several days as it sat drying out. This was 8 months ago.

She uses it every day, all day.

The secret is to not turn it on until it is completely dried out. If you can get some nitrogen to blow on it in every nook and cranny, that can help also.
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Thanks ya'll. I'll be keeping these posts in mind over the next week as I try to build up the courage to turn my camera on.

Amazon warehouse = awesome!! Dang, shoulda bought my stuff there to begin with.
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I think the cameras are quite rugged. Recently whilte travelling in my car I hit a boulder on the roadside and in the impact, the camera that was on the front seat hit the glovebox and fell to the floor. For a while it would not open fully - the lens barrel extended half way and the camera stopped at that. I put gravity to work - tried to extend the lens keeping the camera face down, and retract the lens keeping the camera face up. Wouldn't believe, a few trials like this and the camera came back to life. There was a minor shake for some time when the lens was coming out and going in, but even that has vanished now. All my flower pictures posted here were taken after that incident. I hope the camera will continue to work well.
However, this is completely different from water/moisture getting in. As suggested by others, it is better to wait till the moisture evaporates completely before trying to switch it on.
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