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After 3 years and a half and nearly 90.000 shots, my FZ20 suddenly died at the end (luckily) of summer.

I don't know if it's the case to take it to Panasonic for repair (probably something broke on the board).

I already have a EOS 40D (bought a 30D but it was defective and Canon replaced it with a 40D + 17-85IS after two weeks and without addit. charge).

Yet I really NEED a FZ something (for when I cannot bring the dSLR and lenses with me...).

Now my macro work will be done with the Canon, so I could renounce to the F11 and external flash hot shoe of the FZ50, and was thinking to the FZ18 which I have also had for a day (present to a frind)...
The larger zoom of the FZ18 is also a plus, considering that IMO FZ50 must be used in RAW mode to give its best (owing to a too aggressive NR).


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Sorry to hear about your FZ20, it has given us beautiful pictures toenjoythoughthe years. I haven't seen any postings from you Francesco in a while, do youpostonother forums? Are you happy with your 40D? I'm also considering the NikonD90,

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Old Sep 4, 2008, 7:16 PM   #3
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uh oh as nelly furtado sings ' all good things must come to an end'

but im sure you still have an archive of pix from the fz20

i have admired your skill with the fz20 in many of the shots you have posted

im sure you will miss it

too bad i just sold mine or i coulda sent it your way

enjoy the new camera, i really liked the 40d but it fell out of my budget range so scooped up the xsi for 750cdn with a 2 yr warranty and txs

have fun

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Old Sep 5, 2008, 6:29 PM   #4
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R.I.P good old FZ....
Many dSLRs will not survive 90.000 exposures...

My FZ5 has survived, but I can't get used to crippled viewfinders or LCDs with less than VGA resolution again.

If you find a forum like Steve's 2006, please drop a line!
We had a lot of fun together.
Take care!


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Old Sep 11, 2008, 2:51 AM   #5
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Sorry to hear of your fz20`s demise Francesco, but you certainly got your money`s worth from it with some great shots. My fz20 is now with a friend, who`s getting some superb results from it despite it`s age.
Keep an eye on the 40d shutter - I`ve read lots of reports of the shutter on this camera sticking, even in comparatively new examples.

Mark H
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Old Sep 11, 2008, 7:07 AM   #6
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Thanks for your replies-

Actually I am considering FZ18 or FZ28 to substitute the FZ20.

About the EOS40D, the 17-85 is way behind the Leica lens on the small FZs sensors...

But obviously that's another worls (I have also 50mm F1,4 and 100mm F2,8 macro, both huge lenses).

I know Nikon D80, which in certain respects is better than 40D: I think exposure and Auto WB are better on the Niknon, although in other respects 40D excels and outperforms the D80.
40D High iso are all useable, even 3200.
Live view's good, although it seems that using it constantly would force me to buy a supplementary battery (and probably would cook the CMOS).
Anyway 40D @ ISO 800 is similar to FZ20 @ IS O80 as far as Noise and NR !!!

Me too, I mean it was really expensive, but as I told I initially bought a 30D (660 E) and they gave me the 40D in substitution for that !
And I am also waiting for a 200E cashback (40D + 100mm)!

no, I only rarely -really could in the future again...? maybe- post here and on Dpreview. I am in a couple of Italian Macro (and Nature) photograpphy, but had not much time to post... already too busy with photos and else...


I really hope it will go far beyond the 100.000, before it breaks! Let's hope so.

My site has nearly 5000 pics on the excursions, and I am still updating it.

Recently added a gallery on GRAN SASSO, from year 2007 all FZ20 pics, but that's another post...

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Old Sep 11, 2008, 8:37 AM   #7
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I am sure you miss your FZ20.....but it came out in Sept of 2004.....not quite 5.5 years ago.
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Old Sep 11, 2008, 10:58 AM   #8
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Thanks Genece, corrected.
A typo for 3 years and a half ( I bought it on Christmas 2004).

Have to decide between FZ18 and 28 in the next week (cannot take with me the 40D + lenses when I go to the beach or similar trips)

PS Good thing that I'll probably be able (despite the slightly different size) to use the two FZ20 (CGA S002E, 7,2v / 680 mAh) batteries on the FZ18 or 28 !!!
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Old Sep 11, 2008, 1:23 PM   #9
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I still have my FZ20 and it is great to have as my backup when I can't drag all my dSLR gear along. I enjoyed your posts immensely here and felt IMHO you had the best of the best offerings in what one can do with an FZ20. You covered a wide range of interests and excelled in capturing them all.


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Old Sep 13, 2008, 1:18 PM   #10
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Thanks Tom
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