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Winky May 22, 2006 11:37 PM

Hey Guys,

I'M NEW HERE!. Anyways just got my new Panasonic TZ-1 and absolutly love it (iso 800 is crap but otherwise a great camera). If you wanna see my pictures look me up on Flickr. Just search under groups " TZ1" or "DMC-TZ1" you should find my group or you can look in my profile(where others with the same camera have taken some great photos)....

Anyways I have some things I want to know:

In my group I noticed that there is a difference of stickers and features between two Tz1s's (the silver ones). One runs off of AAA batteries and the other (mine) runs off a Lithium rechargable battery. Now why would Panasonic take the time to do things differently? Do they do this often on other cameras?
Why would they do such a drastic change of design???

When ISO's are messed that means it's the hardware not the software/driver its running on... because its annoying to constantly have to adjust the iso settings just right when taking night pictures.

Thank you for your time guys and I hope to see you guys around!

nippa May 23, 2006 1:38 PM

Hi not sure what you've been looking at but Silver , Blue or Black all TZ-1s take the same Lithium Battery.
There's only one version of the camera.

I can't agree that ISO 800 is crap.
It's perfectly usable given a properly exposed picture. Having said that ,I'd certainly
try to use ISO 400 when possible as it's significantly better.

Noise and ISO settings are related to the physical the size of the CCD in the camera.
Only clever post processing can provide a solution when you want a small camera and a telephoto lens.
Here's a site that goes into some technical detail and gives you an idea of what digital camera designers are up against

What is apparent is that Panasonic have improved their noise processing compared to my FZ10 , FZ20 and FX7 and have opened up low light photography following Fuji's example with their F10.

It's a great little camera that makes my FZ20 redundant.
Point and shoot - yes but there's still room to modify exposure manually by careful scene choice and exposure value tweaks.

fmoore May 23, 2006 7:35 PM

There are many tz1 users at dpreview panny talk.

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