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That is an excellent tip. We all get in so much of hurry to take the photo, that we fail to set up the burst mode, which could really improve our photos. I am guilty of that at times.

Have a great day.

Sarah Joyce
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Raw+jpeg doesnt work in burst mode?
I listened to you and today for the first time tried burst mode. Its quite good! thank god I took 8gb SDHC card , I have enaugh space for that kind of shooting.
but even in M mode , I cant take raw+jpeg shots in that burst mode.I supose fz38 doesnt have enough big buffer.
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Nice captures, Alun.
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Nice bird. Regarding the comment above by Joho; you can also use Auto-bracket and get three shots. I use that quite often with birds.

Steve in Chicago
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Originally Posted by Raghu View Post
As you progress with the camera, I suggest that you also get to know photo editing. ...
Through the years I've learned that photo editing is a very personal thing. Many times I have been told off for editing other people's photos thinking that I was doing them a favor showing how they could have improved their own images. The fact is, many people prefer softness over sharpness, or low contrast over high contrast. Proof of that is the EP1/EP1 Art filters. One produces very low contrast images, another soft-focused images. Olympus would not have offered them if everyone liked extra-sharp/very contrasty images.

The other tricky thing about photo editing has to do with the monitor the editor is using. I have 4 desktops (including my work PC) and a laptop and I can tell a huge difference as to how my pictures look on each one of them. The monitor I use to edit my photos has been calibrated so I know the images I edit on that PC will be closer to what I want it to look like. However, every time I send my co-worker pictures I have edited, he tells me they are too dark (even though they don't look dark to me at all). At the same time, pictures he sends me look too bright (on every PC). So, it is obvious that his monitor is too dark.

With that said, I personally prefer the original shots as they look much gentler to my eyes.

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