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PeHa, the shot is very impressive, but I wouldn't recommend shooting black and white mode on the camera. All that does is merge the 3 color channels together into one, throwing out about 2/3 of your data. Usually it's best to take the color photo into a program like Photoshop and manually convert to black and white where you can control which color channels get emphasized. You can do that using the channel mixer with the "monochrome" setting checked.

I'm not saying that your photo would necessarily have been much better, just that it's a technique with more control and less data loss.
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Thanks! Yes, it's nice when photography makes you interested also in the targets.Birds is another area which felt very distant before but when you can come as close in teleshooting and get great images using a good camera equipment it becomes another thing...

I've been thinking if there was any way to squeeze more details with the current equipment. I would like to pinpoint the place where Apollo 11 landed and Armstrong made mankind's first footsteps on the moon (it'll take something else to see'em though :-)). So, thanks for the tip about color channels, Corpsy, I'll definitely try it!
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An additional point, it is recommended that when using a tripod that you shut the stabilization off. The shake compensation can actually induce blur in a photo as it searches for something to compensate for that isn't there. Also, the use of the L setting of the repetitive button will often get a sharper image on the second frame than the first. Especially if handheld.
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Very nice moon pic - it's amongst the best I've seen here also. The detail is wonderful
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