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eysha Apr 21, 2012 3:14 PM

some questions
I have three questions which i am stuck on so all help appreciated.

1 I have read xHassan's post on AE/AF lock and cannot get it to work. can someone explain again please? and what is the focus button for? sounds silly i know but it doesn't appear to do anything on my camera FZ38.

2 How do i do a custom white balance please?

3 What is the sweet spot on the FZ38.
Many thanks

Ozzie_Traveller Apr 21, 2012 5:15 PM

G'day eysha ... nice to hear from you again

The AE / AF button is designed for you to lock either the exposure or focus or both if/when you need to. I have mine set to Lock AE only, tho I could choose otherwise

This is the menu before anything it setup...

I use AEL when I'm doing panoramas .. I meter for the central part of the image, then lock the exposure. I then swing the camera left, allow it to focus, take image-1, swing a bit, focus, take image-2, swing .... etc etc till I have 6-8-10 images covering the scene. Each has the same exposure, but focus is allowed to refocus as the scene is covered.

I use AFL very occasionally - if I am shooting a bicycle or racing event, I prefocus on the winning line - or if in the middle of a race, on a preset mark on the ground - and lock the focus. Then I can follow the action as it approaches and shoot as the person/team crosses the marker, all the time knowing that focus is preset - the camera will shoot the pics immediately without any focus hunting etc etc.

For Custom White Balance it's a bit different ...
[ I can't remember the exact sequence & don't have the book close by > so Hassan may need to help here ]

Two things about CWB -
1- it's designed for us 'togs to set the camera to a 'perfect-white' under less-than-perfect-lighting ... ie- it could be theatre lighting of unknown or mixed Kelvin figures. Basically you get a known 'white' [sheet of paper will do], set the white = white options and away you go to shoot the theatre pix. All well & good

2- However Eysha - I know that you are an artist, so you may be able to mis-use CWB to your own artistic advantage !!!
[Once you/we remember how to set the CWB] ... if you were to take a red/blue/green/yellow [whatever] object/piece of paper & CWB it pretending it's white, the whole colour sensor is thrown out of whack and produces some amazingly 'odd' colours in the resulting photos

Hope this helps a bit - over to Hassan et al for more info for you
Regards, Phil

eysha Apr 22, 2012 10:01 AM

Many thanks Phil, i will investigate all of the above, n pracise too. I did read about using red etc cards for CWB which is why i asked thinking it could be good for my art so you are spot on but is that on white set 1 and 2 where you set those colours n the FZ38?

Ozzie_Traveller Apr 22, 2012 5:02 PM

G'day Eysha

Panny gives you 2 custom settings for 2 different lighting environments
For you maybe - 1 could be where "green = white" and 2 could be where "Red = white"

Regards, phil

eysha Apr 22, 2012 5:09 PM

Thanks Phil, im going to play around as soonas the rain stops here, thanks for the help. E

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