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PeHa May 4, 2006 4:48 PM

Narmer wrote:

Very nice pics PeHa and thanks. But we do inspire among each others up here.

#1 quite perfect, except (IMO) for the too saturated orange of the floater, which captures way too much attention like that. But I cannot know if it was its original color or fruit of PP for sunset reds.

Did you shoot that robin in burst mode to catch it twittering ?
Good quality with your TCON.

That Hepatica nobilis is really a small flower here, If I am not wrong.
But with no insect or else on it there is no meter. Very well captured
Francesco, thanks a lot for commentsand opinions!

#1 is original except cropped and sized. I tried'autolevels' but preferred the original.

The robin was shot in single frame mode, I was lucky to catch him singing! It's an extended zoom 3MP image. It helps with the TCON17 quality, a full size 8MP at f5.6 is not sharp edge to edge, but the centre (like what you get fromEZ 3MP) is always sharp from about f5.6 and up.

The Hepatica is small, right, about 15mm (~half an inch) in diameter. It'snot a crop but aresized 8MP image. I'm quite happy with that Soligor close-up lens but haven't seen anyone else using it here.

So, we should keep on take photos to learn (at least me) and inspire! Thanks again for feedback! :dude:


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