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DyaneG Feb 26, 2011 6:02 PM

Spaces Between Photos ..... Advice Pls
OK, I am being very stupid here, but can some one let me know how to get spaces between the photos for numbering/writing ........ Square One, you dont need to answer ;)

Thanks in advance for your help - Dyane

JimC Feb 26, 2011 6:14 PM

The best way to do that if you're posting multiple photos via the Attachments feature (Paperclip Icon, so that photos are being uploaded to our servers), is to use more than one post in the same thread, attaching only one photo to each of the posts in the thread. That approach would allow you to put any desired text in subsequent posts before each of the images.

Note that if the images are hosted on publically viewable web site that allows direct linking, then you can insert the photos anywhere you want to in a single post by using the Insert Image ( button and pasting in the link to a photo. Make sure your using Advanced Edit mode if you don't see all of the icons (click on the Go Advanced button under a post you're making). That way, photos are inserted at your current cursor position and you can type in text in between them within the same post.

Another way to do the same thing if the images are hot linkable and displayable by a browser (jpeg, etc) is is to put [img] before the link, and [/img] after the link and they will display in the posts where you put those links. That's all the Insert Image button does (only the code tags are hidden from view when using that forums feature).

See this page for examples:

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