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#2 totally
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Oh yes man, #2 is really nice. I wonder how many attempts you required to freeze the action excatly at the right time :?:?.

I also had a few questions regarding macro-shots, but I'm not going to hijack this thread for it.
Carry on Ladyhawk, very nicely done.

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Old Dec 22, 2005, 8:32 AM   #13
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I'm still working out the techniques for taking these photos. Basically, I set up the camera about 6-8 inches from the bowl of water and use my zoom (2x is usually the best, but 3x sometimes works). I've been using an eyedropper to drip water into the bowl and a remote trigger to release the shutter. The timing is somewhat hit-or-miss, which is often okay because I get splashes, ripples, etc. at various stages. I use my flash at -2 stops to reduce the reflected highlights. Full flash creates far too many hot spots. I've tried various settings: sports mode, shutter priority at varying speeds, aperture priority at varying f/stops, etc., just to see what effects I can get with them.

The colors are created by either a) pebbles in the water or b) items (shirts, blankets, etc.) placed beneath the bowl or c) a gel on my slave flash (which I've tried a couple of times with mixed results). With options a & b, the color effects change as the water ripples across the bowl. With option c the color is more uniform throughout the photo.

I've also colored the water with food coloring and placed drops in varying arrangements on a CD. The CD can create interesting color effects as it reflects light coming across it. It's also interesting to see the reflections and colors in each of the water drops.

The big issue is how to get plenty of light without creating hot spots. This drives me nuts. I've used table lamps, overhead lamps, flash, slave flash. . . . I've set up in various rooms of the house to get more natural light and to reduce lamp reflections in the water. . . . I'm continually trying to figure out what to do about light.

For me these photos take a lot of trial and error. I take many really bad shots to come up with a few that are decent. And since I don't have a close-up lens yet, I do lots of cropping. There are others who are much more skilled at taking these photos than I am and some who have invested lots of money in very specialized equipment. For the time being, this project is giving me lots of opportunities to learn about controlling light, color and PP.
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Old Dec 22, 2005, 9:00 AM   #14
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LadyhawkVA the #2 is really good! And thank you for advices how you made this photos.

Hiroshi, you made this photo at 24"!! It's about 50cm??

For all,

Thank YOU, for your answers! They arereally helpful for someonewhois learning how to make photos, nothow to take pictures
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Old Dec 22, 2005, 9:34 AM   #15
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Yes, #2 is amazing capture

You should be quite proud!

Did you use a burst mode, by chance, to capture it?

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Old Dec 22, 2005, 9:39 AM   #16
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Digcamfan: I could not use burst mode since I was using the flash. I have also tried using no flash and burst mode but it didn't work out too well. I don't really know why - it seems like it should. I just put the trigger in my left hand, the eye-dropper in my right hand and synchronize the two. Varying the timing on the two releases leads to some interestingly different results.
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Old Dec 23, 2005, 9:17 AM   #17
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LadyhawkVA, it is obvious that you had to crop those down a lot, but #2 is pretty cool.

Hirochi, that shot is really nice! I need to learn to macro like that.
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