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Hi HarrjTT

Yeah when the FZ50 thing didnt look like working out, and I still felt a bit iffy about L1, I decided I would try get an LC-1 on ebay. Theyre pretty rare, about 4 were sold in a fortnight worldwide, to make matters worse I hung out for one in new condition, and with the box and all the stuff it should come with. Theyre sorta expensive but I like the way they handle, and I like the lens too. It has all the same noise issues, but it will be less being 5Mp.

There were also a few Leica Digilux 2s sold in that time, likewise they are even more expensive. History has it that it will be as much as 2 weeks arriving, I think they must deliver by camel here. But I will be sure to post some pics after it arrives.

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about your zoom problem, I had(have)a similar problem with my FZ15. It would hang up while zooming in, I would have to momentarily release it and it would continue.
Then I realized that the amount of pressure I exerted
on the zoom lever made a difference. Light pressure no
hang up but increasing the pressure (nothing extreme)
it would hang up every time. As long as I keep my
lead finger in check I have no problem.
Best guess is my problem is the mechanical connection
of the zoom lever.
Since I just got my FZ30, my beloved 15 will go into

Hope this helps.
Nice series of pics by the way.
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HarjTT, Really like all the shots, especially 1 & 2. Good luck with your zoom problem, hopefully it's something simple! Jim
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