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Old Aug 19, 2006, 11:06 PM   #11
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Thanks for the help Timewarp.

You didn't want to see me wandering around in the dark, with sunglasses on and eyes closed any longer did you. :-)

Just think, I keep an inkpen andnotepad right beside mymonitor too. (What doesthepen doanyway.)
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Old Aug 20, 2006, 2:44 PM   #12
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I agree HarjTT. I have been reading and posting here for about two years and with the exception of a few trolls from other forums, have never seen anyone be sharp or condensending to anyone here. I've ask some pretty stupid questionsand have always gotten acheerful response from several fellow Panasonic users. We also seem to post more photos and have more fun with each other.It jmakes the experence of comparing, buying and learning a new camera much more pleasant.

I sometimes read the other forums just to see what is going on in their world, and am constantly amazed at whatthey say to each other and the way they say it. The uglyness I've seen on other forumswouldhave tohave an affect on my purchasing decisions wheather I knew it or not. I need a nice friendly place like this to goand ask my stupid questions.


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Old Aug 20, 2006, 4:01 PM   #13
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I agree, this is an excellent forum for hackers who are learning like myself and for the experienced who offer extremely useful tips and suggestions that I would not of thought of myself.
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Old Aug 30, 2006, 12:02 AM   #14
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Here hereHarjTT,

I am in total agreement with you ALL. Thank you HarjTT for bringing up such an important observation. I too have been to other forums visiting or even joining so that I could communicate with other photographers more experienced than myself and learn as much as I could. But when I happened across this forum I couldn't believe the camaraderie, thefriendly support, gentle advise, total willingness to share information, tips, examples, andthe encouragement that was so freely given to one another. I've learned so much from so many of you since being a part of this forum. I privatelythink of itas my "camera club."

Since my wonderful discovery of Steve's Forums, I've not wondered much elsewhere. No need to. It's all here. Thank you Steve! Thank you all! Thank you HarjTT for this post.

Sincerely, Teree :-)

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Old Aug 30, 2006, 3:52 AM   #15
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> This is still the best forum by none

This is perfectly right!!

....it could even be better if we could reach our past members still.

I am missing hiroshi, boyzo and some others!

We will loose more friends to the dSLR world, but I am very happy that members like squirl still post here. So post your dSLR photos to this community!!!!!

I want to watch the development of our "best" members in the future. We all need a view at new horizons. Many of us are experienced SLR users.

It is a pity that the general forums at Steve's are not so responsive.....

I liked, what DON said:

> The uglyness I've seen on other forumswouldhave tohave an affect on my purchasing decisions wheather I knew it or not.

Panasonic should know this effect and support us somehow......?

cheers Sven

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