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Default ...still confused...

FZ 38 camera, maybe others too.
Why use "AF" mode instead of "AF MACRO", since the last one offers focus range from "1cm to infinity" while AF from 30cm to infinity. Is there any other difference or benefit?
It seems to me like "ok, use AF MACRO but if you want to be RESTRICTED then use AF mode"...
ps Please, no answers like "ok, use what you like", I know I can do that! - and, yes, the batteries are fully charged...!
panasonic fz38, no lenses so far...

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Okay I will speak from experience and preference so it's a personal opinion.

I use Macro AF only when I actually need to snap that close. AF otherwise. AF Macro is slow to focus on far objects

The thing I find shooting in an environment where the focus speed matters, you use AF. E.g. if you are out in a park shooting nature which includes birds, kids playing or things that are moving fast or randomly, AF Macro will annoy you since it'll take longer than AF for the camera to focus on something and mostly by that time, you have missed it
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