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Default Strange Panasonic 12-35mm shakiness -- possible lemon? Any others see this?

I encountered a major problem with my Panasonic 12-35mm/F2.8 ASPH X lens. When mounted on my GH3 and placed on a tripod, even with Power Image Stabilization OFF, the image frequently shimmers. There's a lateral movement in the image. This happens more frequently when the camera is angled downward. The camera is mounted on a Sachtler FSB8 head and Gitzo legs. It's sturdy and totally locked down, and there is no movement near the camera to cause camera shake.

It's as if the image stabilization is on or the lens motors are moving, when obviously they shouldn't be. When the IS switch on the lens is set in the "off" position, the camera correctly reports that image stabilization is off. Lens firmware v1.1 (the latest as of this writing).

I see the shakiness / jitter via HDMI out to my DP6 monitor in 1:1 mode, so it's definitely in the lens-to-record chain itself, and not in post-record or post-processing.

I can recreate the problem with my GH2 that I thankfully still have for testing.

The camera is on full manual mode, 1920x1080/24 fps. Changing between 50MBps or 72MBps All-I makes no difference -- same results. It's really strange.

Link to video:
(Apologies for the composition and exposure, this is just one example of my many tests with similar results.)

EDITED Feb 11:
I did much more testing, and I think this is a problem that is present in many (if not most or all, as it's probably inherent in the firmware or design of the lens) versions of the 12-35mm lens. I've come to the conclusion that this lens is not very suitable for tripod work or still photography with long exposures, and I've written about that in this post:


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You should have posted this in the Pana/Leica dSLR forum. Someone knowledgeable enough to answer your query may still see this thread here and respond, but it may take some time.
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