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Read the review of the KrystalVue, and it's actually better than I expected. But what the heck would you need 8X for unless you have an exhibitionist neighbor who lives across the street.
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One more thing. Have you considered stacking? The Oly. TCON14B+Canon TL55 seem to produce nice results. $150.00 for the TCON14B and $90.00 for the TL55 = $240.00 Pictures taken from 1 1/4 miles away...WOW!!!

Here is the link to take a look: http://pbase.com/10kzoomfz/tele_pd62_comparisons
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Actually I'm trying to get a closer look at that girl in a thong you photographed:blah::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::l ol::|
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guaz wrote:
A couple of days ago someone posted an excellent Japanese site that compared different teleconverters: Panasonic LTZ10, TCON14B, TCON17, SONY HGD1758, RAYNOX DCR1540PRO & DCR2020PRO -with FULL RESOLUTION PHOTOS that really allow you to see chromatic aberrations, Take a look at the Raynox you were considering, there is a definite amount of color shift (purple fringing, green on one side and red onthe other) too much for me to consider. So beforeplopping down $200 of your hard earned cash make sure you've seen some good quality photos taken with the lens your considering. JM2C.

Here is the link: http://nighthead.adzoo.jp/fz/telecon/telecon1.htm

Thanks a lot for that site. In my opinion that is a great compaison.

Anf for what its worth in my opinion the quality of the lens are very close.

In particular for 2.2 power I feel the 2020 is giving a very good photo.

Some may feel no need for that much power but I stack it with other lenses, I feel it is better to have a picture of something a long way off (even if less than perfect) than not to have a picture at all.

This is one of the not perfect shots that was taken with a FZ10 at36X plus a tcon14 plus a Tcon 17.

Believe me this was a long way off, if there had not been people watching it with spotting scopes I do not think I would have seen it at all.

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