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Photog4Christ Jan 14, 2012 12:23 PM

Tell me about FZ150
I'm looking at getting a FZ150 and I am interested in how you set the aperture and shutter speed when in Manual Mode.

If I were shooting a scene that had constantly changing conditions (I've shot concerts in the past with my D200), how easy would it be to change settings?

What filter size does the FZ150 use? Are any adapters required to use filters?

What accessories are available? (remote release, flash, etc... please include accessories made by other companies that will work with the FZ150, like flash units)

Tell me why you chose the FZ150 over any other SuperZoom/Bridge camera in the store. :)

Thank you :)

wanaclick Jan 14, 2012 1:40 PM

Here's the link to the official site.You can download the PDF operating manual for the FZ150 as well as find the accessories compatible with it.
I suggest you buy the camera first,and read and re-read the manual as you learn to use the camera.Within no time all the controlls will become familiar to you and you will be navigating the firmware(menues/Options) with ease and confidence.
FZ 150 is probably the best super-zoom ever made to this date.:)

Ozzie_Traveller Jan 14, 2012 2:15 PM

G'day Neal

The current batch of Panny cameras have a thumb-activated rotary-wheel to alter many of the menu options & also the Manual settings when in Manual. The wheel is at the top RHS corner of the body right where your thumb rests

It has 2 settings and you push & click to go between each set of settings

ie- if it is in "shutter" mode a push-click will swap to Aperture mode > then you rotate it to alter the settings. It has a firm 'click-click-click' action as it goes thru each setting

Here's the FZ-100 im Manual Mode

Note several things-
- the exposure indicator is at -1EV
- the F4,5 is coloured > so that it the setting about to be altered
- if I wanted to alter the s/speed, I would just press the rotary wheel and the shutter speed would become coloured and thus I would be altering it

Also > Filters are 52mm and screw directly onto the lens barrel, SLR fashion

Hope this helps...
Regards, Phil

Photog4Christ Jan 14, 2012 2:39 PM

Thank you very much Phil and G'day to you too!

Stay cool down there! ;)

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