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Default Thanks and question

First off let me say I am sorry for the big rant I had on the other thread about Panasonic and their handling of my situation. Am I happy with them? NO, and never will be. But it is what it is.

A BIG thanks goes out to LTZ470 for offering up to ship me a spare battery, charger, and lens cap he has until mine are received. Thanks again brother, you did not have to do this, and I really appreciate it. It means alot when a person I have never met or talked to offers up his services like this. You are topnotch in my book man. Let me know if there is EVER anything I can do for you.

Now on to the question: Do any of y'all use the lens hood that comes with the FZ100? Or is it a waste of plastic? lol

Da Wolf
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Wolf - I'm really sorry about your terrible experience with Panasonic, very disappointed.

Anyway, I have an FZ35, but I don't use the hood. It's large and gets in the way, and also it has to be removed whenever I use my macro conversion lens, which I do very often. So hood is really an optional piece.
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I have had the FZ35 for almost a year now and have never once used the hood.
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The same for me!a.
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Da Wolf-

The technical answer is that when shooting with strong cross lighting and heavy backlighting a lens hood is advisable and useful.

The practical answer is that few of us do use a lens hood. I carry one in my case and will put it on in really adverse lighting conditions.

Sarah Joyce
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I experimented with the hood only once when I bought my FZ38 ..... but since then have simply not found it of much use in my case. It now sits unused in the original packaging/box! If I need some form of "shade" I find it far easier to use my hand or a cap than having to use the hood.

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Neve had one on any of the FZ camera's...but Sarah is right sometimes it would pay to have one, but I just take the shot from a different angle to avoid the offending lighting...
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