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Just trying something different. Appreciate any comments of this pic. Thnks!

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Howdy :-) Excellent composition and the tones along with selective colours always work well Tch. A very thought provoking shot. I would make these frames of yours a little smaller though and show more of the shots. Just cut off the right hand ship in this one. We don't want frames taking over the image if you know what I mean. Slim the frames down a bit.

Probably not what you were asking :-)but I would like to see the ship with its back left on. Still excellent work so don't get me wrong. :-)

All the best tch, always love your work.


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Old Jan 1, 2005, 8:54 AM   #3
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Thc.....nice composition on this 1I like how the subjects (the kids) are off center it gives a nice twist to the shot....I feel danny is being truthful about the framing it does takefrom a really good shot like this 1 of yours...and of courseI frame my shots too...I just like the effect...correct me ifI am wrong..but it seems that the ship on the right is just in the frame even thou the outer framing might look like its the remaining part of the ship it really just the same as whats framed within the inter frame......and nowI have to confessI have just finished compiling a few macro's with some what the same framing effect...lol oh boy willI be in trouble now!!!!!I would rework them but it took me a while soI am going to leave the the way they are for now...any way thats what its all about is lending a helping "eye" to each other !!!!!What Danny does not understand (justpoking a little fun at ya M8t)is his work needs no framing like mine...lol...and why??? because his shots are so amazing it would be a SIN tomask up a single pixel of his work :G

Danny's input and advice is always welcomed from me and sure all other alike...hes like the big brotherI never had :-)checkmate M8t!!!!

keep um rollin guys its "2005"
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Nice shot. Like the way the stone wall is softened on the frame. :-)
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