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dwssas Sep 15, 2006 12:03 PM

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Sorry for so many bird pics but thats all thats moving around here.

dwssas Sep 15, 2006 12:12 PM

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I liked the colour in this one.

dwssas Sep 15, 2006 12:16 PM

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Canadian J.

tcook Sep 15, 2006 12:27 PM

Bird are always good subjects, and you captured them nicely. What kind is tne first one?

dwssas Sep 15, 2006 12:30 PM

Obviously the Grey or Canadian J is the first pic. Just another minor screw-up.

dwssas Sep 15, 2006 2:55 PM

tcook. I posted my answer before I saw your question. The first pic is the Canadian jay or Grey jay or sometimes called theWiskey jack. I was not trying to be rude.

tiger98 Sep 15, 2006 3:43 PM

Very nice ! Jim

RedStickMan Sep 15, 2006 3:43 PM

Didn't anyone ever tell that Bluejay that you're never supposed to turn your back to the audience? :lol:

Good shots, and don't feel bad about all the bird pics. I could fill this site with fly pictures. You shoot what's available. I'd be happy to see a Jay in my yard. Three years in the same house and have never seen one.

D.Ann Sep 15, 2006 9:53 PM

Well, I never get tired of looking at a nice bird photo, and yours are just that. Donna

dwssas Sep 16, 2006 4:29 AM

Thanks to all for the nice comments. I must find something else to shoot and give these birds a break.

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