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No there is no image stabilisation lenses for the Pentax.

The Canon does and so does Nikon. VERY PRICEY$$$$

The Minolta KM series does but in the camera itself.


I only posted since some members asked for some examples. I did not intend to nor will I try to shoot a comparison between cameras and post since it was not my intent to compare. Just to share. I have posted FZXX shots and IR shots as well.

From this point on I will only post Pana shots in this forum.

I did not intend to try and downplay the FZXX at all. Just share what my choice of DSLR is capable of.

I enjoy this forum above all others and I have seen Canon 20D shots posted here by a FZXX user as well.

I love my FZXX don't get me wrong.

Happy Shooting All!!

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nznhut wrote:

The obligatory flower picture. None are Photoshoped or tweaked whatsoever, other than slight cropping.
This shot and the others show just how a DSLR differs from an FZXX
Its the focus on the main subject that stands out in relief whilst the background recedes in a beautiful soft way.

Lovely shots
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sad to say my fz30 will be leaving me shortly for the *ist DL. i simply couldn't pass up a dslr for $366.00 after the $100 rebate that pentax is offering, even with the kit lens! not that i've posted here often, but it's been a pleasure reading! i tried the camera out at a local big box store (doesn't both me to stiff the big boxes!) and i cannot wait to the my hands on the pentax. that, and 40 years of backwards lens compatibility are what sold me!
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well i jumped ship last week (see the previous post here) for the pentax ist DL for $366 after rebate; now willoughbys has the same kit for $289.99 after rebate - i can never get the best deal! by the way, it is a very very nice camera - i liked the fz30 alot, but i love the dslr so far...and you can get pentax lenses cheap (www.keh.com) - i got a 80-210 tamron (the used pentax ones run $20-30 more) f4-f5.6 (will actually be 120 - 315 after sensor conversion) for $43 at that website, in like new condition.

maybe with canon and nikon it costs a ton for extra lenses because their backwards compatibility isn't as far reaching as pentax' (and i know there ARE pentax ones that are hundreds to thousands), but 'the cost of extra lenses to get the equivalent zoom of the fz series camera' argument i always read around here really is a myth - and i read the reviews of the cheaper lenses here and on dpreview and they perform very well.
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