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Hey everyone,

I have an event coming up at a TGI Fridays (surprise baby shower for the wife). Its obviously going to be a low light setting with lots of light bulb spots all over the place.

Can anyone give some tips as to the camera settings on my FZ20? Should I just leave it in P mode? Im still getting familiar with the camera but this is a 1 time deal and I want the pics to come out right.

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If you really want to be prepared , drop by TGIF around the same time of day and tell the manager you would like to take some practice shots. Take a lot and save your settings on the best photos so you can reproduce them on the appointed day.
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Old Apr 12, 2005, 7:18 AM   #3
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Good idea sniksb. Dengar, do you have an external flash? You may want to consider one for these types of pics - I believe you'll get the best results. You may want to check with the management staff at TGIF about using the flash as they are pretty bright though.
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Most people have absolutely no idea as to how far their flash reaches (and then complain about poor indoor shots). Make sure you know exactly how far the effective range of your camera's flash is, and then stay within that range. Shooting in P mode should do fine.

You could shoot just using ambient light, but you won't get the shutter speeds needed to render people effectively. If you do decide to shoot ambient light, use aperture priority mode and select the largest aperture you can get. This will force the camera to use the highest shutter speed it can manage. If doing this, I would also select the highest ISO as well.

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You are just spinning your wheels to switch out of program mode for available light. When the shutter speed gets below the reciprocal of the focal length the lens is full open, and screwing with other modes can't open it any more. On my FZ10 program mode also boosts the ISO to 200 when the shake warning is in view, and that seems to be about the best compromise. ISO 400 is quite noisy. I would guess the FZ20 does about the same.

Unless you are in a well lighted area you will likely need flash. The internal flash is quite powerful on the FZ20, but you would do better with an external unit with bounce capability. People pictures are more pleasing with a bounce or diffused flash. You can get a non-dedicated automatic unit that is inexpensive, but you really need to practice with it before taking important pictures. If you go that route ask about technique with an automatic flash unit. The low light viewfinder problem can be exacerbated.

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Use external flash bounce

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Wow that came out nice, how much orignial light was in the room?
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