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Old Jan 15, 2005, 6:57 PM   #1
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I would just like to thank everyone for their help and advice over the last few months, I have really appreciated it. However, things are now longer the same at the Panasonic forum and I believe it is suffering from its own popularity. Gone are the days when people would post photos and we would offer constructive criticism, every photo now seems to have comments like "wow, that's great" when it out of focus and under exposed. The fun nature of the forum has been great but I have the feeling that the photography side is being slowly forgotten.
The popularity of the new FZ line has introduced a massive number of people to photography and that is truly great but it has also bought the masses to this forum. It seems every day that somebody asks the same question and while I support helping people some should first learn to help themselves.
My biggest issue is the massive number of photos that have been posted in a single thread, now we have 10+ images in a thread. While I have a broadband connection it traffic is capped and after a week or so I no longer have the ability to see any of these photos as I have chewed my bandwidth reloading the whole thread trying to see one extra comment. This issue has been discussed in this forum before and an agreement was met, but with the massive influx of people this has been forgotten. I don't want to start ranting on how this forum should be run as it's not my place to do so, but I will rather move on as this forum has evolved into something less enjoyable.
Thanks again.

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Old Jan 15, 2005, 7:06 PM   #2
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Sorry to see you go, Simon. Your posts were remarkable. But a question for you. Why does it have to be "final"? Why not simply check in fewer times? To your point about the sometimes vacuous (sic) comments. I think folks just want to be encouraging. Really, you learn by taking pictures (...at least that's how I do it), and a discouraging comment loaded with technical info that that person may not understand anyway, is self defeating. Better off with perhaps a slightly disingenuous "atta boy", imo, if if the photo isn't great technically.

As for the volume, I think lots of folks got their FZ's after Christmas, and exploring them just as we did, some will stick around, some won't. The threads are moving quickly, though.

Well, sorry to see you go. I hope you will reconsider. Take a break, check in less often. It's a forum, not a club that you choose to renew your membership to... or not.

Hope you'll reconsider and check in for a guest apperance sometimes, M8t. I very much enjoyed your posts.

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Old Jan 15, 2005, 7:29 PM   #3
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I felt guilty last night posting up 5 shots TM, 10 heck never. I just can't open those, so I don't even try. Especially if they are large as well.

Well this is sad to see TM, not something I want to see happen really at all. I enjoy your shots and comments very much Kiwi. Your maco shots are now rocking and a rolling. Critiques, well I'm on a few sites that specialize in doing that nicely and positively. A very special knack needed in that area. If you ask for an honest critique, that can always be arranged. Its also in how you word your post as to what exactly you want and expect from the comments. I have no problems saying what I think is wrong with a shot and I have no problem when I get it back either, thats how we all learn.

It really does need to be stipulated that, thats what you want though. People are polite....or try to be often. Hence they don't like to say what they think is wrong with a shot. Also some don't feel qualified. With macro I would have no problem with it. Landscape and bird shots, I can only suggest what I personally like and don't like. Thats because I know nothing about that type of photography. What you go through, how you see, etc, its all totally different TM.

Please don't go for those reasons though. Post a shot and ask for "Complete honesty please, whats wrong with this shot and what do you like".

Thats how to go about it IMHO and never argue with a critique because they are only telling you what they see and like. If you argue about it, then why ask in the first place.

Phew, you can see I've read a few pages on critique sites huh :-)

All the best TM and I would urge you to ask like that on your work if thats what you expect. Please don't go on those grounds though.


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Old Jan 15, 2005, 9:57 PM   #4
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Not sure what else I can add that Nick and nzmacro have not already said to have you reconsider your decision. I for one post my pics so I can get the likes of Nick and yourlself to say whether they think its a good shot - composition, exposure etc and to get feedback on how I could improve although I don;t always state that in my posts. I think that most posters assume that any pics they post will get some critical feedback to help them improve.

Hope you reconsider like Nick said its just a forum and not a paid up club.


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Old Jan 15, 2005, 11:06 PM   #5
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Tree STAY,
I would miss YOUR great AVATAR...
you did make valid comment tho'
most forums re camera's are flooded with images.

it will taper off...


best wishes from the AUSSIE GUY

btw I to posted lots of images of late...

things will slow off as NICK said...
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Old Jan 16, 2005, 12:32 AM   #6
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Treemonkey... Please don't go. This forum is just going through a cycle of new people is all. Once everyone gets in sync it will be back the way it was. You are very helpful here and we need your input to help with this new cycle.

Please stay...We need you...

You helped bring this forum this far... Don't throw in the towel now... Please...

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Old Jan 16, 2005, 12:35 AM   #7
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Come on........stick around:arrow::arrow::arrow::arrow:
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Old Jan 16, 2005, 3:25 AM   #8
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:shock:Hey 'treemonkey' ya aint goin nowhere, as a fella KIWI...ya just aint a quita, I know in many ways how you feel, but as a new comer and bloody hell I've learn't a lot from you, I'm on dial-up...true I do have 500 Mb's but it sure takes one hell of a long time to down-load, I have got to really chose the ones I look at.....but I wish I could look at them all...in this country it just aint possible.

But please please stay.......:-?:-?

Hazzabone (Harry)
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Old Jan 16, 2005, 8:58 AM   #9
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I really have to commend you aussies, though. I had dial-up up through June, and a thread with 2+ MB's worth of pics on them would take - what 10 minutes or more to download? Thanks for being so into it and patient, M8ts. I feel your pain.
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Old Jan 16, 2005, 1:27 PM   #10
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I feel the same way, but I still check in once in a while even though i get criticized by newbies without even knowing how much my threads have helped others in the past.

Everyday this place is closer to DPR and trust me, DPR sucks and everybody there at DPR knows how much I make fun of them.

I just don't get this place any more. Members are baby sitting members, every picture is stunning and deserves to be on the cover of National Geographics. I have seen some just incredible pictures especially by nzmacro....and some other members (we all know who you are)....but the more the masses the more average or blah everything becomes and there is so much I can see before saying...show off your best stuff instead of another whatever. FZ is a great camera, but taking shoots of a subject worth looking at is more important. The most beautiful shoots I have ever seen are taken by my friends with 5 dollar disposable cameras.

I will respect the posted pictures more if members actually say how they can improve on their shoots instead of how stunning they look no matter what shot they have taken.
Like I said, some shots are just incredible and should be praised, but some shoots don't deserve the same credit and because of that more pics get posted more without every improving and a viscous cycle begins.

Its like a third grade teacher giving everybody an A+ so nobodies feelings would get hurt.

Here is a shot that I took with my FZ 1 of laguna beach. This shot took me over 1 hour standing there and taking over 50 shots and only picking the best one and processing it to imitate how I saw it at that moment with my own eyes.

All I am saying, if you are willing to post pictures, I hope you were willing to take your time looking for magic and capturing it without getting hurt if you get tips on improving it and if you are willing to ask a question, I hope you took your time researching this great forum.

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