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Hi guys,

I have Lumix FZ4 and i am having trouble with the display. When i am using auto mode, the display works fine i.e. the display shows the same thing as what i see with my eyes. But,when i use Manual mode the screen goes dark. Obviously in manual mode, i have to adjust the f-stop and shutter speed to get the right light seetings. When i use the light meter (where there are -ve and +ve markings and 0 is supposed to mean balanced lighting)and adjust the f-stop and shutter speed for proper light, i can see display better, but the picture i take is brighter than what i see on the display. If i just discard the light meter's setting i can't see anything on the display, but i get a properly lit picture. It means if i want to take a picture in low light and use manual mode, i won't be able to see anything on display.

Conclusion: In low light and in manual mode the display is very dark; can't see anything. I didn't have this problem with my old Canon A85.

I like doing low light photography. But because of this problem i am not able to do that. I am thinking if buying Panasonic was a mistake!

Let me know if any of you guys had the problem and if you found a way out? Why does this thing happen any way?

Thank you,
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You have stumbled across the secret "Feature" of the FZ cameras.

It is the worse feature of an otherwise great camera.

And if you would have had a FZ camera longer you would have had to listen to Panasonic telling us that is a feature.

It is reportedly fixed in the FZ30...I sure hope so.

And it has been reported that it can not be corrected by firmware even if Panasonic wanted to, which they do not.

The closest to a work around is to use aperture priority to frame the shot and then switch to manual if you need to adjust the shutter speed.

It is a pain even for me and I very seldom use manual.

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