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New G Dec 17, 2008 11:09 PM

I'm very new to digital cameras. I purchased my Panasonic FZ28.

Following the instruction manual, I'm not having luck trying to blur the background on a closeup shot.

I have turned the top dial to the closeup (the little flower) and selected "creative closeup" (as per Pg 66 in manual)so I could change the aperture as low as it would go. It refers me to pg 56.....but on that page it tells me to turn the dial to "A"....I can't do both dial settings at the same time....anyway....

I zoomed in on a flower with this setting and the lowest I could set the aperture was F3.7...I was about 3 ft away from the image....the closer I got the higher the aperature was and I couldn't lower it.....and no background blurring occurred.

Am I doing something wrong? Please simple instruction would be GREATLY appreciated.

I have the original Leica lens and have no intention of changing lenses.


rfdandrea Dec 18, 2008 10:52 AM

Try going into Aperture Priority mode then hitting the AF(flower)/focus button on top of the camera.

Page 51.

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