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Ok guys I need some help here. I have a FZ-18 and I'm trying to figure out how to take pictures of a waterfall near my house and get the effect of the water moving. I know I need a slow shutter speed but when I slow that down I get the other settings off and either I do not get the effect I'm looking for or the pic comes out way to bright.

Is there a simple way to do this? Keep in mind I'm just learning.

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You are probably going to need to buy filters that will reduce the amount of light hitting the sensor, which will give you slower shutter speeds. You can buy either Neutral Density filters, which come in various powers, or a polarizor.

Use aperture priority exposure mode and set the smallest aperture (f-stop)you can, which should be around f8 or f11, and set the ISO manually to 100. That, along with the filterwill slow down the shutter speeds about as far as you possibly can. Depending on the lighting conditions, that may or may not be good enough. The lower the light levels, the better the chances are.Maybe trying it earlyor late in the day will also help with the lower light levels.

If you are successful in getting the shutter speeds down enough, you'll also need some sort of support/tripod to keep the camera steady.

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Using an ND filter is best, but if you have software with the ability to use layers, you can cheat by taking several frames with a tripod and mixing them together in decreasing proportions. The bottom image should be at 100% opacity, and each sucessive image should be at half the opacity of the layer before it. Then your final image will be a mix of each layer you have, and since they were taken at different times, the water will appear blurred.
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Hi rachunter,

I may sound weird , but I feel there is no harm in giving it a try......

I am just wondering , if you couild place the cam on tripod.. set the cam in manual mode..set the aperature at 11 & shutter speed approx by 2min... ( Don't worry about the metering part.....)
Now Crazy part of the scheme... Take a black card andmove in ( Up & down motion)front of the lens during exposure ( something like a2nd shutter externally)... little experiment is required ....... But I have a feel that you may get what you wish.....
But as I said earlier , it may sound weird ....:-):-) No harm in giving it a try....
I am also eagorus to see the effect..

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