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qajaqer99 Feb 24, 2012 12:16 PM

TS-3 seals?
An Amazon review stated, "If you buy this item [TS-3] you should assume that you can only use it in water for 1 year, or else assume it will cost you at least $60/year for the pleasure of owning a waterproof camera.
(I note that Sony also states you must replace the seals every year on their ts10 "waterproof" camera.)"
another reviewer sez, "The book also tells you that after one year, you need to replace the seals. If you are in the water more than 60 minutes, it's underwater functions are no longer guaranteed, you are to take it out of the water, then within 60 minutes of coming out it has to be submerged in tap water, for at least 10 minutes."
Can any owner verify is these are true?
I am thinking of buying a TS-4 when it becomes available March 2012. TIA

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