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I see thatthe new FZ50 has a TTL Flash hot-shoe. What is the difference in a deciated flash and one that is not deciated? What are the advantages?

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Maybe this page will help.


this is a part of the explanation
Because flash-to-subject distance doesn't affect our f/stop with TTL (as along as we're within the realm of the flash's power), we can maximize and manipulate aperture and shutter speed to our advantage. In the instance of flash key, we can manually set the shutter speeds to correctly expose for the ambient light. We can also set the shutter speed to underexpose the ambient light. This can be as little as one stop to make a busy background disappear. Even in bright daylight, we can make the photograph have the appearance of being shot at night by underexposing two or three stops by using the shutter speed. This whole time, the flash is providing us with the proper exposure for the subject. We can do this only because TTL provides us with the proper exposure for the aperture selected regardless of the flash-to-subject distance! Wow!!

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