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Default Turmoil at Phil's

There's a person going under the pseudonym "b osmond" posting some intersting things on Phil's Panasonic forum.

My unconfirmed guess is that he works for Panasonic Canada in Toronto, probably the marketing department.
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dpreview.com does not have a panasonic forum .. duh
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Yes, they do. Try clicking the link in alexo's post.

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There is now. Check it out. Don't "duh" until you verify your
(previously true) facts. I think the announcment of the FZ10
generated enough email in Other Cameras to qualify for a
seperate forum.

Plus there's the anticipated news of the DMC-LC1 in 2004.

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Duh De Duh Duh Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, LOL.... :roll:
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Originally Posted by Jimmie
Duh De Duh Duh Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, LOL.... :roll:
Duh duh or no duh duh, there are only 2 people who had the chance of playing with the FZ10 for a long period of time and are willing to share some of their experience.
Here's a summary of b osmond's posts (some minor editing):

Let's make a few points clear about accessories,

The following will be available:

1. 1.5x telephoto - extends to 630mm, there is no other lens in the digital world that can shoot at that distance @ f2.8.

2. There will be a 0.8 wide lens - 28mm

3. Both an ND and MC protector will be available

4. Flash: you can use the already existing Panasonic flash DMWFL28 - brought out for the LC5), or you can shoot using generic brands provided they are single pin and 6 volts or under. I'll be doing a feild test this week to establish a few "suggested brands of flash". This list will be available soon enough.

5. Flash Cards - if you shoot with any other card other than a Panasonic SD card you will not be able to perform the MegaBurst function - 7 shots in just over a second, if you use another manufacturers card you would be waiting an eternity to fire again after a few shots - other cards do not have the R/W speeds of Pana SD Cards.
8mb-128mb - 2mb/s
256mb-512mb - 10mb/s

Camera Facts:

- real time histogram
(Histogram is in both the EVF and LCD)

- manual focus assist

- usb2.0

- flash range 14 feet

- macro - 5cm @ Wide

- lithium ion battery - same one as FZ1 uses
(the CGAS002 works in both models)

- video - [email protected] - it shoots continuos until the card runs out

- when the lenses are attached you can still use the EVF - the view isn't blocked

- a lens adaptor is included - which doubles as a lens hood - and yes it's 72mm threading

- there WB adjusting to red and blue hues

- shutter times are 8seconds-1/2000

- there are two modes of stabilizer -
mode 1: always active
mode 2: activated by shutter being pressed down halfway

- flip animation - you can shoot multiple photos, then tell the camera to stich them together - when played back it looks like the way we did animation when we were kids - remember when we flipped a notepad's pages showing a stick figure moving - Flip Annimation

> 1. Do filters screw directly onto the lens thread, or onto the lens adapter?

They screw onto the lens adapter, they have to because the lens extends when turned on. I must admit it's a beautiful sight to see a 420mm lens extend!!!

> 2. If IS is kept on all the time, does it use more battery power? If so, how much more?

I have no rating for how much power is used when it's kept on all the time. Don't forget this camera offers to ways to overcome any power loss that may occur: 1. keep OIS off....or 2. use the mode that activates OIS when the shutter is pressed halfway.

> 3. Approximately how many shots can you get with that battery in your camera - with LCD on and off?

Don't have the info just yet. The FZ1 was capable of approx 250 shots - LCD on, flash on every other shot. Probably very close.

> 4. What is your opinion of the camera after using it for one month?

- the lens

- the OIS is supreme - i've tested many other company's with hi-zooms and wasn't pleased with the ratio of acceptable shots when using zoom w/out OIS.

- the manual focus - the camera lens has a switch that you flip down to activate manual - when you turn the ring the manual focus assist (Picture in Picture window) is activated, this has helped immensely when shooting macro

- the camera is ergonpmically built well - the feel is similar to my old 35mm

- the burst mode is flawless - i was shooting @ a moto-cross event and the shots were clean...the only bad ones were user error...im no photographer, just a pleasure shooter

- vs the FZ1, there's a designated EVF/LCD button so you can jump back and forth between the two. The FZ1 made you push the display button 3 times. Very handy.

- the hot shoe is paramount

- i find the shutter and f-stops easy and quick to get to - they're in the same menu mode - composing an image is quick and very painless.

- i like the HDTV shot mode - this is great if you have a 16x9 tv - when you view your images back on tv - there's no distortion

cons(these are customer viewpoints):
- iso of 50-400 - it was suggested to me that a higher iso setting would be excellent - I thought it would be way too much noise

Since Bob is active on this forum, I will not quote his clarifications but the links are:

The only apparent discrepancy concerns the SD card speeds. My understanding is that Bob says that the burst speed is independent of the card speed while b osmond's remark concerns the time it takes to flush the buffer after the burst.
I trust Bob to correct me if I am wrong.
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I certainly hope the 1.5x teleconverter that b osmond mentioned is indeed released in the USA. Panasonic Bob's reply on that was more of a "let's get the camera out first and then we can worry about the accessories." However, I'm using a 1.7x B300 with the FZ1 now, and I don't want to lose that extra zoom reach, so the 1.5x teleconverter is key to my upgrading...
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I was duh de duh duhing the person that said there wasn't a Panasonic Forum on Phil's.... :roll:
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