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I have a 1 year old TZ1 which I just took on a week's vacation. It worked pretty well for most of the week but toward's the end starting doing some weird stuff:

1. Keep getting a message 'Turn Camera Off and Back On" after each picture (sporadically), what's that about?

2. I have 2 batteries, 1 came with the camera and 1 I bought off Ebay, but still a Panasonic battery. 1 of them, I assume the one from Ebay, has really bad battery life, is there such a thing as counterfeit batteries?

3. The flash seems to be very weak recently. We took some pictures just in our hotel room and were pretty dark, seems like it should be well within the range of the flash.

Any thoughts? I have been looking to replace this camera anyway but a perfect replacement has yet to reveal itself (long optical zoom, optical zoom during movies, small size) so I want to stick with the TZ1 until one does. Thanks.
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I wish I could help with your problem but just don't have any ideas. I'm chiming in here just to say that I am looking for an TZ 1 for precisely the reason that it zooms out to 10X during video. Hopefully, there will be something at the camera show that does that, has an H.264 video format and an optical viewfinder. If not, I'll be hunting down a TZ 1.

About batteries, though, yes there is such a thing as counterfit in batteries and memory cards. I prefer to buy that kind of thing through Amazon.com.
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Check the zoom portion. I have an FZ3 and our cameras may not be similar - but I had a similar warning quite some time backand I suspected dust had got in. One of the tips I gathered on the net advised zooming in and out keeping the camera face down and then face up and then wipe the camera clean - may sound simple, but it worked. After that, I have not had that problem again.
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