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Just curious where the Panasonic TZ1 review is.

I actually bought one so the review isn't as important, I just am trying to figure out if I am going to keep it.

Anyone really enjoying the pictures taken by this camera? I must say that I am annoyed with the amount of noise. My old Sony W1 has picture quality that is superior to the TZ1. Optical stabilization is very good though.

If the noise issues still bug me I will pickup a Sony W50, or W5.
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Hi Gaffle

Steve's review of the TZ1 isn't up yet but Simon over at Dpreview just posted their review of the TZ1 yesterday. Here's the link to the review:


If your like me you'd want to check out others at megapixel.net and dcresource.com:



I'd put this post up over at the panasonic digicam forum for feedback from current TZ owners. If I had the TZ1 i'd try and set all of the in cam settigns to low, esp if there's a NR option and shoot at low ISO's 80-200. I've got a fairly old FZ10 (4MP CCD + Venus I) and I rarelly ever shoot above ISo 200 and usually keep the ISO set to ISO50-100. I woudl try that first and see if it improves the IQ that your getting from the cam. If you can post some shots so we can have a look and see what your getting that would be really helpful.

From what I've seen of the new Venus III engine is that Panasonic is using some pretty aggresive NR in the TZ1 so you end up loosing detail and get that watercolour effect at high ISO's. All of the previous versions of the Venus engine at least retained detail in a shot although above ISO 200 noise has always been a problem.



:O :|
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Well, it looks like most of the reviews do not agree with you and I do not agree with you. I purchased this camera for my wife, and I have taken a lot of photos with it also and I have yet to get a bad picture, in fact up to ISO 400 it rivals my FZ30 in sharpness and clearity. I do not understand your problem with noise, since the Venus III engine pretty much takes out most of the noise at high ISO, granted it does soften the pics, but that is the cost of noise reduction. If you are that critical of the pics, then maybe you should be using a $2000 canon DSLR, which will be the only camera that will satisfy you if you find the TZ1 pics disappointing. I personally think it is the best Point and Shoot camera on the market with the best lens and the longest zoom. It is not perfect but for a point and shoot camera, you would be hard pressed to find a better camera with all it has on it, especially the Image Stablization, which is second to none to any camera company. No, I have a hard time understand your comments, this is simply the best camera with all it's features. Canon has some fine cameras too with better low light resultes at high ISO but they do not have one camera with this lens and zoom or Image Stablization. Over all you will not find a better P&S camera. This of course is my personal opinion but it seems two out of the three reviews agree with me.
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bear740 wrote:
I purchased this camera for my wife, and I have taken a lot of photos with it also and I have yet to get a bad picture, in fact up to ISO 400 it rivals my FZ30 in sharpness and clearity.
Maybe, but none of those point & shoots will be as good as the intended subject on this forum......digital SLR's.

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