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dbnnet Feb 27, 2010 1:53 AM

TZ10/ZS7 Review
Saw that there is a new review out on the TZ10/ZS7 - 1st one so far... I think?
They give it a 9/10.
Many ZS3 owners will probably be keeping a keen eye out on this!

Tullio Feb 27, 2010 10:02 AM

Well, let's not get too excited here. Even though the overall review is very positive, they did not appear to be that excited about the camera's performance in some very crucial areas (see below an extract from their review). When I see manufacturers release new models that pack more MP or increase the ISO range without increasing the sensor size, add more zoom w/o re-designing the sensor and updating the image processor, or add functions such as GPS w/o adding battery power, it reinforces my opinion that most of the time, upgrades should not really be seen as upgrades but marketing gimmicks. They end up hurting more than doing good. I think we'll have to wait for other reviews so we can have a better idea of how good (or not-so-good) the ZS7 really is.

From the review pointed by OP...

The TZ10's image quality is, I must admit, slightly disappointing. It's not that it's bad, but I was expecting it to be much better than it is. Exposure metering is excellent and focusing is accurate, but images lack a certain colour depth, and dynamic range is no better than average for a 12MP compact. The lens is very sharp in the centre of the frame with excellent fine detail, but there is slight barrel distortion at wide angle and also slight corner blurring. At the new lower minimum sensitivity of 80 ISO the image quality is very good, but noise reduction blurs out some detail at 400 ISO, and noise is visible at 800. Also there is a distinct colour cast at 800 and 1600 ISO.

I do have one very major concern about the TZ10, and that is battery duration. It is powered by the same 895mAh lithium ion cell as the TZ7, and it was stretched powering the big zoom motor in that camera. Now it has to power a GPS system too, which is also active when the camera is switched off. Wandering around taking pictures with the GPS system active, the battery indicator was down to one bar out of three after just 70 shots, and it ran out of juice completely after 85.

mtclimber Feb 27, 2010 2:05 PM

Hi there, Tullio-

I had the same impressions as I read that ZS7/TZ10 review. That makes the ZS-3, which is now at an all time low price a very attractive camera.

Many thanks to dbnnet, for pointing out the review-

I would imagine that the GPS also has an adverse effect on the battery life as well. Reviewer, Cliff Smith fault the weak battery life and the reduce image quality that might well be a result of the 14mp imager.

Have a great weekend.

Sarah Joyce

Tullio Feb 27, 2010 7:29 PM

That's the problem I have with these types of upgrades(?). They look good on paper but in reality not much so. Have a great w/e as well, Sarah.

Hards80 Feb 27, 2010 7:38 PM

i read it the same as you Tulio, when you boil it down to the important parts, i.e. image quality, and how long it will actually let you shoot, its not really a positive review at all.

i am looking forward to some reviews that let you cross compare the tz7 and its competitors, like canon's sx210 (worried about noise on this one with the 14mp) and the sony hx5 (this one is looking promising with the examples from its sister model out there).

Tullio Feb 28, 2010 12:03 AM


Originally Posted by Hards80 (Post 1058741)
i am looking forward to some reviews that let you cross compare the tz7 and its competitors, like canon's sx210 (worried about noise on this one with the 14mp) ...

I think 12 MP is the limit unless the sensor size increases. Canon reduced the number of MP on the G11 to 10 (from 14 on the G10). That should tell us something!

hrvoje xyz Feb 28, 2010 7:53 AM

Think 14mpx is too much almost any camera , letalone this tiny piece ..
but must admitt , more then few times I wished I had smaller camera (night outs mostly are problem :) )

Tullio Feb 28, 2010 11:29 AM


Originally Posted by hrvoje xyz (Post 1058954)
but must admitt , more then few times I wished I had smaller camera (night outs mostly are problem :) )

To take night shots you either need a camera with a very fast lens (f2.0 or less) that handles high ISO well (low noise) or a tripod.

hrvoje xyz Mar 2, 2010 4:06 AM

nono , I meant FZ38 isnt pocket-friendly :)
for night out shots , every camera besides mobile phone camera is good enough.

greenbaron Mar 2, 2010 7:46 AM

Well, lot of 'not so good' talk about a pretty camera here ;)

Too many megapixels for the sensorsize, yes (like all small sensor compacts); Battery life short, perhaps. Anyone will agree a spare battery is recommendable all times, no matter what cam you carry. Most image quality issues discussed in the sample images like low saturation and too much contrast 'even on a cloudy day' (what else do you expect shooting in a small tunnel?) -can be overcome in either planning your shot well, or in post processing.

Regarding the gps; Apparently it provides a mode (airplane mode) where it does switch off when you turn the cam off, so that shouldn't then impact the battery life too much. About it's accuracy, few little gps devices can locate very precise in tight city enviroments.

Let's keep things in perspective; How many people are planning to go and shoot like a pro with a tiny snapshooter like this? How many people will ever actually put it on a tripod? It's depicted Traveler Zoom (thus supposed to be small and light), not Dedicated Pro Zoom with XL sensor, 25-300mm zoomrange that fits right in your pocket, at a snapshot compact price; Like we all wish for ;)

I'm quite convinced this cam is going to score high this year. Even if the image quality doesn't surpass the competition (by much), it's high versatility will still be hard to beat.

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