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freeriding Apr 17, 2016 6:33 AM

TZ30/ZS20 sd card issue
I have a lumix tz30 and have bought this 32gb kingston sdhc card.
However, i have this problem:
When i open the camera and take instantly a photo (open,focus and shoot), the write speed for this particular first photo is slow.
Particularly, the time needed to be the photo written in the card is about 5-7 seconds!!!
(however the next photos, need less than 1 second, as it should be)

This thing happens, almost every time, i switch on the camera and instantly take a photo.

I made a format 2-3 times, (not only in the camera but with a software too) but the same thing continues!

Is it the card faulty (so i should buy a new one) or maybe the camera has some kind of compatibility issues with these cards? (UHS I - U3)

Thank you!

Before i bought the kingston superfast card, i used a trascend one 16gb (slower one, with claimed write 25mb/sec) and never had this issue!!!
I tried the trascend again and there is no issue at all!
I guess that U3 might be the problem, or the larger capacity (kingston 32gb vs trascend 16gb) or a fault in the sd card!

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