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digcamfan Dec 9, 2009 6:04 PM

Ultra II Versus PC and FZ5
Hey all,

Here is an interesting one...

Sandisk Ultra II SD 2G is readable when FZ50 is connected to PC via its USB cable.

Comes up unreadable , want to format when placed in media reader on laptop. No other Sandisk media does this.

Reformat in camera gives no change wrt PC.
Reformat in PC "could not be completed".

Ideas, anyone?

Never had this happen before....does my Ultra II SD 2G have some
sort of "performance anxiety"??? LOL

TIA for any suggestions.


JimC Dec 9, 2009 6:22 PM

Many Card readers do not support Secure Digital Cards over 1GB in size. That's your most likely issue if it works with the camera. See the section on this page titled "Standard-SD cards (non-SDHC) with greater than 1 GB capacity" for more info:

Card Readers designed to the SD 1.0 specification are going to be limited to a maximum size of 1GB when dealing with Secure Digital Media. Some card readers will support 2GB cards OK (or even 4GB Cards if they are not SDHC) if they were designed to be compliant with the SD 1.1 specification. But, a large number of card readers (particularly those built into laptops) are not going to work with SD cards over 1GB.

For maximum compatibility, you'll want to use a card reader that specifically supports SDHC cards (based on the SD 2.0 specification). Those should work with any available SD or SDHC cards.

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