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Nizidramanii made the interesting observation that folks in this forum post pictures while people in other forums discuss problems. I browsed through some other forums and he's right! I'd never spent time in the other camera forums before so I assumed that all of them were like this one.

Well, I really like the Panasonic forum. I think it's great that we share what we're doing, use pictorial examples to illustratre technical ideas, etc. Technical talk is great - and I think I'm learning a lot from it - but I'm glad we let our photos do most of our talking here.

I find the photos in this forum inspire me to get out and shoot more. I also appreciate the willingness of people in this forum to encourage and help each other. All in all, I think we've got a nice little "community" here. I want to thank all of you for making that happen.
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Old Nov 15, 2005, 4:32 PM   #2
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The fact of the uniqueness of this forum has been a topic previously discuseed.
I spent an inordinate amount of time researching before buying a 20. This forum
was the clincher and for the reasons stated, litlle if any real problems with the
FZs and wonderful photos. FZs have an excellent track record for dependability.

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Old Nov 15, 2005, 5:00 PM   #3
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Compared to dpreview, steve's is much more layed back and slower moving.Currently, the first page here covers about 30 hours while dpreview's first page is about 3 hours. So the turn over rate there is about 10x the rate here. Trols tend to want their diatribes reacted to immediately and steves can't/doesn't accomodate.

Steve's also has the capability of posting shots directly froma computer rather than having them posted at another web site first. But dpreview has plenty of photo posters who don't get involved inmuch discussion. I enjoy participating in both forums. But I'm pretty sure I will stick with the fz5 for theforeseeable futureand when the fz6 comes out I'll probably take a back seat. I've been thinking about going over to the strictly photo postingforums here but the turn over is soooooo slooooow! Neverthess, it's been a very fun ride for the last couple of years. It is a unique forum!
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Old Nov 15, 2005, 7:30 PM   #4
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Yes I noticed that too.

DPrev has many interesting posts and suggestions, but when one posts photos, even good ones, they risk to go quickly lost in the 2nd or 3rd page for there are really many persons posting new threads.

This is fine for you can post Medium size pics also without having them uploaded on a different server.

I prefer posting here and generally only read there

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Old Nov 15, 2005, 7:33 PM   #5
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i did a lot of research before i bought my FZ20 too, and this forum helped. it was even more valuable once i got the camera, and started learning how to use it. i do like that people post photos, not just complaints, because it is not only inspirational, it's a lot more fun to see what others are doing, and the results they're getting. if all we posted were problems, it wouldn't be long before most of us quit bothering. i think the photo posts and discussion of positives as well as negatives (the few there are) make this forum much more useful and enjoyable. that's probably why this forum has so many more members, more topics, and more posts than any other forum on Steve's site. even though some of the "senior members" seem to have become lurkers more than posters, there's still a ton of useful information to be had here, and the sharing of photos and techniques helps everyone to get better and enjoy the hobby more.
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Old Nov 15, 2005, 7:45 PM   #6
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Beside posting more pictures than complaints, have you noticed this is the most active forum??
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Old Nov 16, 2005, 10:12 AM   #7
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I love this forum not just because of just getting tips and also for good encouraging members.

I just give few points, why this forum is too good.

1. I have posted the same pic in two forums for review and I want to know, what I am really missing in the photography skills?

2. I just started (only 3 months) the photography as my hoppy. Initially I didnt know what is aperture, shutter speed and DOF.,

In this forum, the way the people looking into the pic is different. Because I got the response like this, if you set the camera settings like aperture, shutter speed and the focus, you will get the good pic. This is really good for the newbie like me

3. Criticism is important and that is also be in certain limit. Every one cannot be master from the birth. In this forum, I did not find the criticism like I can take the better picture without add on any filters like that. Be frank, I got the encouragement. thats put me to go and shoot lot of pics.

4. In the other forum, when I posted the same picture. I got the response like hey all the pics are blur, I can take the same pic without any filter. And nobody is willing to share the information. I am not asking everyone to say my pic is good and sharp, all i want is what i have missed in this shot. Thats what I want to learn? I am not asking you sit with me and teach all the skills you have learned.

5. But one thing, I am very sure If you share the information with other person your skill is not reduced and improving well. The reason is when the newbie asked too much question, you are refreshing your skills.

The reason for the big story is, In this steve panasonic forum, I found the members are ready share the information and I did not find any other forum like steve panasonic forum.

I appreciate all of you, and keep the same spirit so that you all can guide well the new born babies.

I am very sorry for the bad english.

I am very much thankful to Steve Panasonic forum members.

I am extremely sorry for the big post.
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Old Nov 16, 2005, 10:25 AM   #8
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Finally I can say, Yes this is unique forum
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Old Nov 16, 2005, 10:47 AM   #9
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This forum could be a reason for some people to buy the FZs.
- so there should be a user: panasonic again to help us? - just a dream -

I guess we don't have to discuss "problems".
There are excellent FAQs threads, the firmware will not be changed and there are very few unpublished problems.
Fz users seem to know what they buy - thanks to steve's, dp, dc and others.

So there are only discussions on pictures left and this helps a lot.
This is a uniform community paying respect to the others, simply try to publish a FZ photo in a hardcore SLR community and you will see the difference.

But there are two problems left for me:
- guests will only see external pictures
- there could be some more responses, this would not increase the number of threads.
I guess that some of our members start to publish at dpreview, just to get more response?


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